• Transformational


  • A writer at heart and journalist by a degree, I write when I have something to say. And I write a lot. About a lot of things...


    My writing seeks to inform, inspire, and empower. From guest to ghostwriting, first-person opinions to business insights, I challenge preconceived notions in a way that resounds with readers. From mindset brilliance to strategic genius, time mastery, energy management, lifestyle architecture, business design, and beyond.

    I also aspire to write books; after co-authoring one with Les Brown and Marci Lock, and contributing to one on depression and burnout, I am writing my very own:

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    Currently a manuscript, this is a dynamic, in-depth, and entertaining mosaic of autobiography reflected through a powerful intertwining of stories of 6 generations of women who lived through 3 wars, and current socio-political events, taking you on a journey of searching for & expressing myself as a former elite athlete, mother, and businesswoman overcoming severe burnout and depression, living 4,500 miles away from home... Then, after 18 years on a continent I never wanted to visit and married to a man I shouldn't have met, I finally admitted that I wanted to go back to Slovenia...

    “Finished reading your book! It was absolutely wonderful, as I knew it would be. So rich in emotion and with a lovely flow to it. I actually started it last night, but had to go to bed at 1:30. Then, I couldn't wait to finish my work commitments today so I would read the rest of it. There are so many insights and astute observations in it. You should be very proud of yourself for this work indeed. The truth of our lives is that each one of us is a mosaic of our broken places. Our days spent fighting private battles no one knows anything about. The wounds of this inner war are what give us our depth, and our beauty. They allow our light to shine. And that light is needed in the world. Thanks so much for sharing your light with the world!” - Linda Lopeke

  • Ghostwriting

    Ghostwriting is more than exploring possibilities and putting pretty words, catchy phrases, and numbers on paper in hopes of encapsulating your greatness.


    I tell high-level stories through executive resumes, biographies, web and marketing content, to business plans, combining business, marketing, sales, and coaching strengths to help professionals convey your differentiators and impact, helping you pursue your aspirations with clarity, confidence, and competitive advantage.


    It's a collaboration that not only captures your essence and that which you are creating, but it helps you grow into it. It can truly be life-changing to see on paper a reflection of you, your impact & contributions! (When you live it on a daily, it might not feel like much at all. Or, it can be overwhelming having to choose a direction...).


    The "Oh wow!" when you receive your finalized product, is just the beginning - or the closing act of finally holding that tangible reflection of your remarkable growth and transformation. Ready to step into that greatness, hold it, and fully own in?


    Reach out and apply to partner up.