I am Sara


    TJ's wife & mom to two girls.

    INFJ-T & HD generator.

    And a dog person.

    Also, a fast driver & total foodie.

    A former elite basketball player.

    A polymath & philomath.

    And so much more...

  • My journey started in 2003 with an unexpected invitation to move from my quaint historic home in Slovenia to New York City to play Division 1 basketball. While at first, it was a daunting idea, I somehow knew it was the right one.


    After leading my team to a championship, obtaining a degree in Journalism and an MBA in International Business, and marrying the love of my life, we moved to the suburbs and started a family while I became an entrepreneur. In 2023, I was called back home to Slovenia, coming full circle with a new powerful vision, starting a new life for my family, a renewed business, and new possibilities ready to unfold.


    Indeed, I am intimately acquainted with the art & science of redefining success, reimagining new possibilities, embracing new beginnings, navigating life-altering decisions without disappointment, and experiencing profound love and connection. To say I know something about the caterpillar moving through the goo to become a magnificent butterfly is an understatement.


    I've walked the talk during pivotal moments such as pioneering online business management agency models, navigating severe burnout episodes that led me to the ER multiple times, battling deep postpartum depression, and following my heart back to Slovenia after nearly two decades in the USA—against all odds.


    None of this was logical, none of it was linear, and at times, none of it made any sense. It was about following my heart and inner knowing through the uncertainty, softening into receiving, and giving myself permission to integrate parts of me that were forgotten in my pursuit of excellence. Just like you, I am still on the journey, welcoming pieces of my life that are looking to unfold.


    Here is my story.


    Explore how by working together privately, we can help you gain clarity, cultivate courage, and expand capacity to turn your vision into reality.


    Learn more about and commission me to deliver inspirational, educational, and epowering speech, workshop, presentation at your event/media.


    Get comfy and immerse yourself in transformational writing where I offer practical application to help you shift perception and expand awareness. Or, ask about writing for you.


    Bridging cultural, communications, customs, and attitude gaps through a customized approach for Slovenian businesses entering the US markets and American companies undergoing post-acquisition integration. 


     Tune into unscripted soulstreaming experiment & honest interviews to help you reclaim power, bend time, reimagine the possible and follow your heart.