• Make Your Life Your Legacy



  • Inspiration, Education & Empowerment

    I have delivered speeches, masterclasses, workshops, presentations, and interviews to audiences

    virtually and in person;

    from intimate groups to large events; from professional organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs to athletic teams and, students; in the USA, Europe, and audiences from around the world.

    Available in ENGLISH & SLOVENE.

    "I personally admire your strength and empowerment in public speaking. Down to earth, inviting, articulate, easy to relate to."


    "Vsec mi je bila tvoja zgodba in nauki, se kar prepoznam!"

    "You inspired me to dare walking on unknown paths and being authentic. Thank you!"


    "Z veseljem sem te poslušala in se našla v veliko opisih. Čeprav smo vsaka svoj unikat, v notranjosti vse bijemo podobne bitke s seboj. Skratka, začutila sem te."

    "Thank you for being real and vulnerable. You gave me hope that this rough patch I am going through will get better."


    "Res hvala za vse iskrene zgodbe in nekak pljusk vode v obraz - ker polno stvari sem ze nekako sama dala skozi in sem ti samo kimala z glavo ko si govorila, ampak se vedno veliko novega izvedela. Hvala za res topel pristop."

    "You are like a glass of Bordeaux - full and earthy. You make me feel safe. You ignite me, open me up, and bring out the best in me."


    "Kar mravljince sem dobila ob tvoji izpovedi! Tako srčno, iskreno, in pogumno!"

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    Whether it's from a stage or guesting on a podcast, radio or TV, I don't just give the audience inspiring aha-moments, clarity, courage, and practical and easy-to-implement strategies...


    ... Behind each story, experience, and lesson there is the soul of a woman; the heart of a mother; the free spirit of a world traveler; the energy of an international athlete; the leadership of a leap-taker; the power of an entrepreneur; and limitless possibilities of a visionary.


    Currently, the most sought-after topics are:

    • A Heart with Two Homes - Living in the USA for 18 years as an athlete, scholar, mom, business owner, and foreigner
    • Life After Having It All Is Just The Beginning - A journey from an elite athlete through burnout & depression to finding my true self
    • Reimagine The Possible - Building & rebuilding a business that supports our priorities, vision, mission, and purpose (and not the other way around)
    • Returning to Slovenia - experiences, challenges, and opportunities when our families come with us
    • Transcending Time Management - Expanding time, mental, and energetic capacities to call in, hold, maneuver, and create more
    • From First Impressions to Realizing Our Biggest Dreams - Misconceptions that hold us back & 3 Cs that make all the difference
    • Courage, Capacity & Clarity - Accepting challenges, making life-altering decisions, and successfully navigating the daily towards our goals

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