• Mentoring, coaching & consulting

    Transformational, individualized, and customized experiences & services, designed to support your PERSONAL and BUSINESS growth, transformation. Create clarity, cultivate courage, and expand the capacity required to embark on life-altering transitions, turn the unthinkable into possible, and your vision into reality with immense joy, ease, and grace.

  • Transformation that feels like home

    If you are at the peak of your success, wanting something more, different, more sustainable...

    If you are embarking on life-altering transitions...

    If you are intentionally focusing on turning your audacious dreams and soul's vision into reality...




    Here, we integrate TACTICS + STRATEGY + MINDSET + ENERGY + MYSTICISM to help high achievers, trailblazers, and innocent unicorns like create a sustainable life/business, and succeed in new and wholesome ways. Fall in love with and enjoy all aspects of life. Feel alive again.


    That might require breaking toxic generational and cultural patterns while honoring and exalting generational powers & strengths. Healing old wounds while reconnecting to the infinite grace of your higher-self and mission. Rearranging the pieces, reimagining the possible, and emerging in the world in ways that reflect the fire of your heart, knowing of your soul, and the magic of your vision. Rewriting your story so that you can change the trajectory of your life.




    When you are willing to be willing to commit to the unseen, to commit to your vision, to commit to your legacy play, I am here to guide and support you. To help you navigate the parallel of becoming the next version of you & creating a new life/business of deeper meaning, higher purpose, and genuine fulfillment WHILE also continuously holding you in the day-to-day commitments & responsibilities at home, with kids, in business/career/team. How? Through support that is in collaboration WITH you, done FOR you, and guidance through the work done BY you.


    in my picturesque 1000-year hometown, plus 30-day exclusive support


    for 6- and 9- private support through your extraordinary expansion

  • Thank you Sara for seeing what I couldn't. I am still crying an hour later, I didn't even know there was a thing there. Thank you for finding it. Also, thank you for holding space for me. You are one of the few people I can let my guard down for.

    Within 2 weeks with Sara, I was able to hone in on the client sectors in which I wanted to focus my consulting practice. Together, we worked through my unique sales process and pricing structure, discussed personal and revenue goals, and even brainstormed some innovative ways to pitch my value prop and increase my close rate beyond 80%. I began implementing the strategy immediately and saw the results instantly (quite literally, the next day). I had been leaving money on the table (trading hours for dollars) and undervaluing my worth to clients. If you're on the fence as to whether or not to invest in Sara's expertise, the [Audit & VIP Day] is a valuable entrance. You may just decide to retain her on an ongoing basis to keep you on track! - Kelly C.

    Thank you Sara for seeing what I couldn't. I am still crying an hour later, I didn't even know there was a thing there. Thank you for finding it. Also, thank you for holding space for me. You are one of the few people I can let my guard down for.

  • Private weekend retreat in my 1000-year-old hometown with a castle on a hill

    Rewrite your story, reclaim your power, and realign with your calling to embody the next phase of your life.

  • Experience the epitome of comfort and cozy luxury during a weekend retreat in Alpine Slovenia, to help you relax, rejuvenate, and reimagine & rewrite your story, propelling you toward your big, audacious goals in greater alignment.


    This immersive getaway is co-created with you to give you what you require, the pace you wish to keep & the results you desire to accomplish. So choose the essence that will enhance your experience and ignite your readiness and ability to bring your mission to life:


    Adventure: imagine hiking/biking through or ziplining above European enchanted forests, getting your adrenaline flowing and feeling alive again.


    Restore: imagine stimulating your senses through arts, crafts, and culture, activating parts of yourself that have been long forgotten. Including experiencing local culinary arts.


    Delight: envision indulging in a deeply nourishing spa or medical spa healing therapy to rejuvenate your energy and your whole being.

    The experience begins with our private lunch/dinner as Friday is all about welcoming you to my home, holding space, and setting the intent & casting energetic projections for our time together.


    Visioning, strategizing, workshoping & immersing in curated activities, Saturday flows organically as we play in the most aligned ways.


    Co-creation continues on Sunday when we bring it all to completion, putting all the pieces into a customized framework & simple-to-follow approach.


    This is then followed by exclusive 30-day support designed to support you in integration and implementation when you return home, so you can feel energized and possible in navigating your transformation while holding your day-to-day commitments.


    I highly recommend that you consider gifting yourself a bonus day or two in Slovenia before the retreat, and especially before you head home, to give yourself time to acclimate and then integrate all that you have experienced.  

    Let's do this

    :: Prep session

    :: 3 days in-person retreat

    :: 30-day exclusive support

    :: Accommodation

    :: All meals included

    :: "Your next chapter" bio/profile/strategy/affirmation/prayer written by me

    :: Exchange starts at 9999 EUR

    Additional info at the bottom of the page.

    Also ask about the exclusive package of


    (ghost)Writing your story

    Speak your book into existence

    As a ghostwriter specializing in holding space, asking different questions, and correlating things differently, we can help you bring your story, memoir, to life. Even if the typical book-writing approach is not for you - because there is nothing typical about this cathartic, healing, and empowering experience that captures your innate knowing and the essence of your soul (and this is something that no AI can do).

  • All-inclusive private mentoring

    Your extraordinary expansion to unlock your next level

  • Imagine transcending the weight of other people's expectations, and unleashing the true power of your magic to transform, elevate, and simplify your life. To create a whole new relationship with yourself, transitioning from unrelatable to unstoppable.


    Luxuriate in deeper levels of personal development, time mastery, mental brilliance, lifestyle architecture, and business design.


    During this transformative mentoring experience, you will reclaim the true power of your magic. Expand your capacity to call in, receive, and embrace what was once only a distant dream, beyond your perceived limitations, evolving toward a life that truly matters.

    Without wasting the time and energy you already don't have, and without trying to fit into places you don't belong.




    UNLOCK what's already there but you just can't see it on your own.

    GATHER the pieces of your lineage | heritage and calling through energetic activations, healing, and initiations

    REDEFINE, explore, discover, and design frameworks and contingency plans that match your vision and mission.

    TRANSFORM, simplify, and harmonize your work, home, relationships, and life.

    REALIGN to your natural rhythm and sequencing so that you can reach, activate, and reclaim your innate inner power and wisdom

    EXPAND your capacity to call in, receive, and enjoy all that you did not even know was possible...

    RECEIVE comprehensive, customized support and guidance in the areas of advanced mindset, success strategies, energy recalibration, and more.



  • Framework for a

    6-month retainer

    18 sessions at your pace

    Access to asynchronous/audio support,

    Mini VIP Day to get started



    The exchange starts at 3333 EUR/mo

    Framework for a

    9-month retainer

    27 private sessions at your pace

    Asynchronous/audio support

    Quarterly VIP Days

    Plus 3-day Destination Retreat in Slovenia


    The exchange starts at 6666 EUR/mo

  • Note that we work in 3-month increments: after each trimester, we will give you space for integration, recalibration, and reflection, and then reconvene with clear intentions for each following cycle.

    Let's do this

    Choose from a 3-month, 9-month, or 18-month exclusive experience available only to three individuals at a time, and curated towards all that matters to you.

    Pricing and additional info are at the bottom of the page

    Not seeing what you need? Ask me about it...

  • Well Sara can add a new testimonial to your skill sets...She is a superb coach in the ethers. She has been coaching me all afternoon, and opened me up to like, "Hey I can and want to do this damn it!"

    Sara, the co-creations, synergy efficiencies, and dynamics you establish transcend simple productivity gains, financial gains, and cost-saving, and bring a whole new dimension to life! - Gery B.

    Sara you are like a glass of Bordeaux - full and earthy. You make me feel safe. You ignite me, open me up, and bring out the best of me!

  • Additional information

    Frequently asked questions

  • All of the services are offered by the application, and conducted in a private 1-to-1 setting unless we agree that your spouse/life partner, business partner, or key team members join the sessions, intensives, or retreats.


    This level of support, attention, and intimacy has been my signature approach for 12+ years and is congruent with the highest level of proximity, coziness and confidentiality my team and I pride ourselves on providing.



    Exchange for services is subject to change without notice. Currently, it ranges from 3000 EUR to over six figures. Accepted are payments in Euros and US Dollars via wire transfer, Visa, and MasterCard debit/credit cards.


    VAT & TAXES:

    In certain cases, VAT or Value Added Tax of about 22% might apply. Email me for more information. And remember, most of our services are tax-deductible business expenses.



    Services are offered in English language, and can be delivered in Slovene upon request.





    While retreat prices do not include travel to and from our location, you will receive a voucher for your accommodation in a private suite at one of Skofja Loka's two brand-new hotels: award-winning Hotel Vila Loka, and Hotel Lonca. Either is a walking distance from the town center. Plus, we are happy to assist with recommendations and can connect you with excellent agents who will be able to make any necessary arrangements. If we will require transportation during our time together, that will be my treat.



    Slovenia is known as a culinary epicenter, bringing together a wide variety of ingredients, flavors, and dishes traditionally influenced by Mediterranean, Italian, German, and Eastern European cuisine. And our wines are rich, earthy, and world-renowned. For the duration of our retreat, you will be treated to lunches and dinners.



    Flying in, you can arrive at the Airport Ljubljana - Joze Pucnik which is about 20 minutes from Skofja Loka. Available are also airports in Klagenfurt, Austria (1.5 hours away); Trieste, Italy (1.5 hours away); Zagreb, Croatia (2.5 hours away); Venice, Italy (3.5 hours away); or Vienna, Austria (4.5 hours away). You can also arrive to Skofja Loka by train via most European hubs.



    Slovenia uses Euros, and credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are also widely accepted while Discovery and AmEx with some restrictions.



    Depending on where you are from, a visa might be required. EU and USA citizens generally do not need one, unless staying for more than 90 days.