• Sara Oblak Speicher



    ...and a contemporary Slovenian woman & perspective changer

    with a global athletic, business & life experience,

    applying ancient wisdom to visioning the future.



  • Time to create something new

    Ever since I can remember, high achievers, trailblazers, and innocent unicorns from around the world have entrusted me with the most vulnerable and intimate parts of their lives, sports, and businesses: growth, transformations & transitions.


    Some at the height of their success, wanting something more, different, sustainable (enjoying life beyond the hamster-wheel of commintments).

    Some when embarking on life-altering transitions (by chance or by choice, like ending a successful athletic career or starting a family).

    Some, when intentionally turning their audacious dreams and soul's vision into reality (say, packing up and moving across the world).

    Many of them when on paper, it all appeared perfect, but they were tired of falling apart on the inside.

    And all while carrying an immense weight of responsibilities, dutifully fulfilling countless expectations and commitments.


    It has been my immense honor, privilege, and joy to help them with personal growth toward expansion as well as growth toward a specific goal. To break old patterns, apply new language, create new experience. To cultivate CLARITY, CAPACITY, and COURAGE to take unknown paths. Expand their awareness and elevate their perspective. Embrace their boldest desires and most vibrant version of themselves. Feel alive again.


    That is what I offer to you. Simply choose how you’d like to be supported.


    Destination retreats, VIP Days, and long-term engagements, all designed to help create clarity, cultivate courage, and expand the capacity...


    Inspiring aha-moments, practical wisdom & easy-to-implement strategies, sprinkled with humor, delivered from a stage, through a podcast, radio, TV...


    Articles, bios, books, and more


    Soulstreaming & interviews


    Resources to get you started

  • Journeys & results do not look one way

    I closed my 7 figure business. I moved across the country, full of hope and expectation. I had 2 coaches at the time I hired Sara. I wrote a five figure check for a month’s intensive. She lit me on fire. I was able to choose a new way. The way of freedom and creativity. The way of faith and inspired action. They way I really want to work. My heart is sprouting green again. I am alive. I have a reinvented relationship to myself and my work and most of all my living. The past is sleep, and part of my glorious way forward. Work is becoming play. I have new clients, I am getting paid the fees I deserve. And I am worth it.


    Hire Sara, but only if you are ready to surrender EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong. Trust, commit, and watch what happens as this woman does her work. She is absolutely fearless, unflinching, courageous, wise, insightful, intuitive. Watch your life ignite- and breathe the clean air of self respect, inspiration, and confidence again. - Craig Gore


    Journeys & results do not look one way

    Not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain, fear, and each sentence to give us the ability to focus on that’s next. To give us something specific to focus on, to move forward, even drawn new perspectives, ideas, answers, possibilities out of them. Sara, you give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in! So after 25 years of working on this thing, it finally bloomed in all its magic. You held the space to help make this happen. Believed when I forgot to believe. You never gave up when I was ready to do so. And you did this not only in person but energetically. I am excited to be me again. Replenished, refreshed, playing in the vision that is asking to be born. - Harmony S.

    Journeys & results do not look one way

    Great people to work with are hard to find these days. Sara is an excellent resource and someone you can depend on. She can help you get to the bottom of who you have to become to get where you want to go. It's a question with many deep layers to the answer. - Linda Lopeke

  • Walking the talk...

    This work is not just something I've done for the past 12+ years with private clients, in various capacities, while investing my time and resources in education and training. It's my way of living. I have been applying it on my own journey from a small-town European girl to an elite basketball player & team captain, a career woman, and a new mom & entrepreneur in New York...

    ...including as one of the pioneers of online business management agency models...

    ...then when overcoming burnout so severe that it landed me in the ER more than once, and postpartum depression so deep I can’t even recall some years...

    ...and when answering my calling to return to Slovenia, together with my family, against all odds.


    That's 25+ years of practical application.


    Now, it would have been easy to simply package it all up in some formulaic process, but anything less than providing a safe, sacred, and restorative space that is custom-tailored to the needs, priorities, and preferences of each of my clients, would be a disservice. To my soul's mission and their legacy play. Especially when the arsenal of available tools is already vastly diverse and ever-expanding: from simple strategies, mindset mastery, and visioning to timelessness, practical energetics, and more.


    So the question is, what do you want and how would you like to get started?


    See you on the inside,


    Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA