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    O Sari || About Sara

  • Mentorstvo || Mentoring


    Are you always on purpose but running on empty? Searching for profound, luxury-level support within a private, intimate sanctuary to reinvent yourself, rediscover the art of slowing down, and envision new possibilities for your life and business? Are you longing to infuse more harmony into your home and experience genuine spaciousness? If so, look no further.


    Anything and everything is possible when you shift paradigms of exceptional achievement

  • Govornistvo || Speaking

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    From intimate in-person events for local audiences of entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians, and students to globally broadcasted virtual ones, I have had the honor and joy of sharing my story, expertise, and practical tools. Whether you're interested in one of my signature topics or would like me to custom-create one for you, let's have a conversation.



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    This is an unscripted soulstreaming experiment where we get vulnerable, go deep, and keep it real. And occasionally, I interview awesome guests to inspire meaningful conversations!

  • Pisanje || Writing

    As a writer at heart with a degree in journalism, I write a lot. My content spans blogs, articles, interviews, books, and more technical ghostwriting for my clients (including sales and marketing content, resumes, and biographies).

    Subject-wise, my content integrates intentional living, mindset brilliance, strategic genius, time mastery, energy management, lifestyle architecture, and business design. Usually through the lens of inspiration & empowerment, but never shying away from hard conversations.

    - Blog: www.makeyourlifeyourlegacy.com/blog
    - LinkedIn articles: www.linkedin.com/in/saraospeicher/recent-activity/articles/
    - Medium: https://medium.com/@saraoblakspeicher

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    It's a tale of 6 generations, 3 wars, and 1 woman's cross-continental quest to reclaim Primal Power. Contact for details.

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  • The Fancy Bio:

    Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA is a mentor, catalyst, and intuitive strategist to Aquarian leaders. Visionary executives, elite athletes, and successful business owners trust her to help them turn their boldest vision & deepest desires into reality. As a certified mindset coach and mystic, Sara leverages 20+ years of international professional, academic, and athletic experiences.


    Blending metaphysical, vibrational, and kinesthetic principles with ancient wisdom and practicality of everyday living, Sara architects new frameworks, quantum strategies and tactics that empower her clients to take massive action, open new portals, and inspire intentional and substantial living & leading.


    Hailing from small medieval town in Slovenia, she served as team captain at Women’s Basketball European Championship before accepting an invitation to NCAA-D1 team in New York City. She completed her bachelor’s and MBA degrees, and now runs a business in non-native language.


    Sara is an avid traveler who plays into limitless possibilities, and a survivor of postpartum depression & severe burnout (that nearly killed her, her business, and marriage).


    Living her mission and walking her talk (in high heels in spite of being 6'1" tall), Sara currently resides in the Lower Hudson Valley with her husband, their two young daughters, and three furry rescues.

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    Sara Oblak Speicher Enterprises, Inc.
    75A Lake Rd., Ste. 147
    Congers, NY 10920
    By appointment only
  • Our work

    Here, you can learn more about the work we do, and how I can personally support you.
    For more information, visit

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    Immerse yourself in the journey to your next & highest level of your expression, and align to the life & work of your deepest & most vibrant desires and highest capabilities & calling with this private, all-inclusive Intentional Impact Program - Global Experience.


    We take you as far as you dare to go, empower you to hold your vision, and to masterfully integrate the customized strategies & practical tools, and to embody deep knowing that turn your wildest dreams into reality...all while turning the world into your playground.

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    Change the trajectory of your life, business & career in a single day of strategic & tactical planning, rejuvenating mental & emotional re-calibration, and magic within our private VIP Immersions.


    For nearly a decade, our clients have been raving about the clarity, simplicity, and exponential, multi-dimensional, lasting results they experience almost immediately. What better way to honor your commitment to the future of your own design?

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    Execute your magnificent vision with passion & purpose because the world needs you more than ever, and Sara's Mystique Room is a sacred space where Magic & Miracles happen.


    This is a premier league of the extraordinary Femme Leaders, Aquarian Athletes, who have "been there, done that" and are not planning to stop. Just like you.

  • Our Home (coming soon)

    This space will be devoted to some of my favorites... From raising two globetrotting crystal children, to doing the multi-cultural marriage dance; from our traveling journals, to simple and delicious home-made meals...
    And most importantly, my own philosophies, practices, rituals, and practical tools for mindset-mastery, self-care... Why?
    Because being a trailblazer who is breaking generational curses and cultural norms, and being a strong woman whose hugs and wisdom are other's safe harbor, and whose light illuminates other's paths, and whose wit sharpens other's edges...
    ...all this power requires a different kind of care, support, space, being.


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