• Sara Oblak Speicher



    ...and a contemporary Slovenian woman & paradigm shifter

    applying intercontinental athletic, business & life experience,

    and ancient wisdom to reimagine the possible...



  • Time to create something new

    Processes of growth, transition, and transformation are some of the most vulnerable ones. Ever since I remember, individuals from around the world have entrusted me with helping them navigate changes, design new chapters, and embrace sudden pivots. In life, career, business, and at home.


    Today, my mission is carried out through a blend of writing, mentoring, speaking, and advising these elite performers - athletes, executives, change-makers, trailblazers - and supporting them in various capacities through:

    • Transcending structured routines and crafting a vision for aligned & fulfilling life post-competition or corporate milestones.
    • Translating athletic successes into business and leadership advantages, bridging communication and self-worth gaps.
    • Rediscovering aspects of selves that were sacrificed in the name of excellence, and aligning with the next chapter of life.
    • Redefining excellence, identifying sources of resistance to change, and breaking boundaries to reimagine the possible and actualize even the most ambitious dreams.
    • Cultivating clarity, courage, and capacity to move beyond the current comfort zone towards a deeper purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.

    But this is not your typical high-performance stuff!


    As a former international elite athlete turned transformation mentor, coach, and consultant with over 25 years of experience in personal development, high performance, and turning visions into reality, I offer a unique perspective. With a background in journalism, global business operations, and leadership, my commitment lies in showing my clients how to identify and break old patterns, make impactful decisions, and achieve sustainable, fulfilling results.


    If this resonates with you, consider how you'd like to be inspired, empowered, and supported on your journey.


    VIP Days, immersion retreats, and retainer-based engagements for INDIVIDUALS, designed to empower, transform, and turn vision into reality...


    Inspiring aha, different insights, practical wisdom & easy-to-implement strategies, sprinkled with humor, delivered from a stage, through TV, radio, podcast...


    Articles, bios, books, executive resumes, and more


    Building cultural, communications, customs, and attitude bridges


    Cultivate clarity, capacity, and courage to rewrite your story

  • Journeys & results do not look one way

    I closed my 7 figure business. I moved across the country, full of hope and expectation. I had 2 coaches at the time I hired Sara. I wrote a five figure check for a month’s intensive. She lit me on fire. I was able to choose a new way. The way of freedom and creativity. The way of faith and inspired action. The way I really want to work. My heart is sprouting green again. I am alive. I have a reinvented relationship to myself and my work and most of all my living. The past is sleep, and part of my glorious way forward. Work is becoming play. I have new clients, I am getting paid the fees I deserve. And I am worth it.

    Hire Sara, but only if you are ready to surrender EVERYTHING that doesn’t belong. Trust, commit, and watch what happens as this woman does her work. She is absolutely fearless, unflinching, courageous, wise, insightful, intuitive. Watch your life ignite- and breathe the clean air of self respect, inspiration, and confidence again. - Craig Gore


    Journeys & results do not look one way

    Not only are your words like energy healing, there is a rhythm that dissolves pain, fear, and each sentence to give us the ability to focus on that’s next. To give us something specific to focus on, to move forward, even drawn new perspectives, ideas, answers, possibilities out of them. Sara, you give a completely different framework and concepts to work with & play in! So after 25 years of working on this thing, it finally bloomed in all its magic. You held the space to help make this happen. Believed when I forgot to believe. You never gave up when I was ready to do so. And you did this not only in person but energetically. I am excited to be me again. Replenished, refreshed, playing in the vision that is asking to be born. - Harmony S.

    Journeys & results do not look one way

    Great people to work with are hard to find these days. Sara is an excellent resource and someone you can depend on. She can help you get to the bottom of who you have to become to get where you want to go. It's a question with many deep layers to the answer. - Linda Lopeke

  • Walking the talk...

    This work isn't just a professional endeavor for me—it's an intrinsic part of how I live. Throughout my life journey, from being a small-town European girl to evolving into an elite basketball player, team leader, career woman with an MBA degree, new mother, and entrepreneur in New York.


    Indeed, what I love most about this work, is holding a vision, an energetic container for greater possibilities. Holding you and your potential in higher energy, and seeing you in your wholeness. Listening to what you're not saying, seeing the unseen, and re-imagining the possible. Challenging and pushing you so that you can expand your capacity, and uplevel you to your next level. Lending you my tools and insights so that you can create tangible & duplicatable results that matter to you.


    I also believe in providing a personalized, sacred, and rejuvenating environment tailored to each client's unique requirements, priorities, and preferences. Anything less would compromise both my soul's purpose and their journey. With a wide array of tools at my disposal, ranging from practical strategies and mindset development to timeless wisdom, energetic practices, and mysticism, I ensure a comprehensive and evolving approach to transformation.


    So the question is, what do you want and how would you like to get started?