• Welcome to the US market

    Slovenian businesses, companies, and tourist organizations looking to make the leap, this is where we go beyond the theories, legal advice, and checklists you can google up yourself. The market there is vast, customers' expectations even greater, and the mindset required to succeed is very different than in Slovenia and Europe.

    With 18 years of living and entrepreneurial experience, I provide invaluable insights, unique access, and practical support - your competitive advantage

  • Strategies & Tactics

    Together, we will create your customized:


    - go-to-market strategy

    - positioning based on the specific of the market

    - customer journey and experience

    - roadmap to navigate restrictions imposed by states

    - framework for establishing, growing, and scaling your business overseas

    Leadership & Mindset

    The key to success is in:


    - developing your can-do mindset

    - mastering storytelling

    - understanding & embracing the differences

    - adapting your leadership through different stages of your business lifecycle

    - expertly leading culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse teams across multiple timezones & geographic locations


    Money is everythere, in abundance, and readily available to be invested in businesses like yours. You just gotta know how to find it.