• Welcome to Slovenia

    American companies struggling with integration after acquiring Slovenian companies, this is where we go beyond financial reporting, true and tested HR tactics, and google translate. Slovenes are hard-working, dedicated, and loyal workers, world-renowned experts, and daring innovators ready to help you meet & exceed the opportunities that prompted you to make this investment in the first place...when you know how to bridge the gaps between what works in the US markets and what works here. Slovenia-native with 18 years of living & working experience in the USA, I provide invaluable insights, unique access, and practical support - your competitive advantage.

  • Strategies &


    Together, we will create your customized:


    - integration strategy

    - positioning based on the specific of the acquired company

    - employee journey and experience

    - roadmap to navigate cultural and communications differences

    - framework for contiuous success

    Leadership &


    The key to success is in:


    - developing proactive mindset

    - activating accountability & attitude

    - understanding & embracing the differences

    - adapting & empowering leaders on both sides

    - expertly leading culturally, racially, and ethnically diverse teams across multiple timezones & geographic locations

    Culture & Communication

    If Americans live to work, Slovenians work to live. Optimizing productivity efficiencies comes down to adequately transforming company's culture in ways that still feels aligned with Slovenian preferences and priorities.