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    Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA is an international elite basketball player turned MENTOR, SPEAKER & WRITER, and is trusted by visionary leaders and high performers from around the world. Leveraging 25 years of experience, ancient wisdom, and intuition paired with 20,000+ hours of training and practice, she helps them redefine success, reimagine the possible, and navigate life transitions and realization of their most audacious dreams with clarity, confidence, and capacity.

    Blending lifestyle architecture, time mastery and strategic genius with mental brilliance, spirituality, and practicality, Sara has inspired and empowered 10,000s of people, including an eclectic portfolio of clients since 2011.

    Slovenia native and a New Yorker of 18 years, she, holds journalism and MBA degrees. she gets vulnerable, goes deep, and keeps it real as a writer, speaker, and host of the Make Your Life Your Legacy podcast.

    Sara is an avid traveler in love affair with the mountains and the sea. Hailing from a lineage of powerful women who lived ahead of their times, she healed herself from postpartum depression and severe burnout. Living her mission and walking her talk (frequently in heels despite being 185cm tall), Sara, her husband, their two young daughters, and their three furry rescues recently traded the Lower Hudson Valley for her small medieval hometown.


    Sara Oblak Speicher, MBA a mom and wife. A mentor, speaker, writer. And a former elite basketball player and 18-year expat who passionately helps high achievers navigate life transitions and realization of their most audacious dreams with clarity, confidence, and capacity. Natural-born and formally trained strategist and manager, Sara hosts Make Your Life Your Legacy podcast.

    Sara /S AH - r ah/

    Oblak /OH-bla:ck/

    Speicher /SPIKE-(er)/

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    • Life in a small historic town and the impact of a family, history, and current events
    • Basketball becomes a ticket into the world and a way of elite performance
    • Courage to say yes to New York City & lessons learned
    • Embracing a new life and a date with destiny
    • Pregnant, jobless, determined, embracing new beginnings
    • Life with postpartum depression, burnout, two little ones, and a business to run
    • Releasing expectations, completion of life's missions, navigating identity crisis
    • Life after having it all as a new beginning, re-imagining the possible in new ways
    • Going beyond the pragmatic and conventional to strengthen relationship
    • Opening to receive and distinguishing between generational wounds, strengths
    • Rediscovering the art of slowing down, reimagining the possible, and daring to live differently
    • Clarity to want what is considered unavailable and impossible
    • Capacity to uproot New York life to move back to my hometown of 20,000


    *Business-focued topics also available