• Grow your business right, scale it fast, with less effort.


    This is designed to pull back the curtain & let you in on everything I’ve done over the years, what I have learned, and the tools I have mastered from helping start, grow & scale businesses:

    mindset, models, management, marketing,

    strategies, structures, systems, sales,

    clarity, confidence, courage,

    action & alignment.

  • Become the person you’re meant to be,

    and create the business & life you want.

    This is not your first rodeo. You're not a stranger to taking risks. What others consider a failure, you celebrate as a stepping stone. You blaze your own trails. Others aspire to be like you.


    However, you're spinning your wheels and perhaps you are...

    • Hitting that glass ceiling, looking to breakthrough to the next level?
    • Looking for new ideas, or consistent support to get you there?
    • Unsure how to honor your fierce independence while building a solid foundation?
    • Overwhelmed with all the strategies, complexities, possibilities and moving parts?
    • Not quite sure where to even start and are looking for a clarity and  a roadmap?
    • Caught too deep in the minutiae, assuring all the bolts and nuts are in place?
    • Or floating way up high in your dreams, plans, but can't get grounded and going?
    • Grinding and hustling with nothing (desireable) to show for?
    • Paralyzed in fear of burning out or losing relationships (again)?
    • Wondering how to reintegrate your energy, inner child, and creativity into a model that fully supports all of you?
    • Needing to create the flow of inspiration, creativity, and the space to be the CEO?
    • Asking yourself, "What's next, and how do I get there?"


    This is it, you've come to the right place!


    Once we're done, you'll come away with a customized roadmap, strategic plan, and consider-it-done mindset to take your business to the next level, and much more...just like my clients who have celebrated these results:

    • Reported transforming their state of mind, find the confidence, courage, passion, and feel alive again, which enabled them to sign up and serve their new premium clients;
    • Commanded $10k, $25k, $125k for their services with ease, grace, fun, in harmony;
    • Multiplied the profits and adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line while doubling their free time;
    • Traded office chair for vacation-bound airplane seats due to realigned business model and streamlined processes;
    • Redefined and reframed and monetized their message, repositioned themselves on the market and gained speaking opportunities on influential stages;
    • Built high-level connections and lucrative partnerships;
    • Designed and launched their premium signature programs with confidence, clarity and ease.
    • Reported that with new-found passion, clarity, and confidence, the relationship with their partner improved significantly, as well.
    • Excitedly shared they have bought their second home after we had worked together to create blueprint they had continuously followed. 
  • You can have all of that, and more...
    when you're willing let go of

    what no longer serves you...

    • Here, you learn how to dissolve feeling exhausted and fed up with trying to please everyone else, keeping up with the illusion of (someone else’s definition of) success.
    • Eradicate the belief that you are your results, at all costs, and instead reconnect to your essence.
    • Ditch the need to keep taking the pretty selfies, even showing off numbers in your bank account to appear as though you have some envy-worthy life you're not living. [Ouch]
    • Stop hiding behind a business that’s scaling to & beyond 6 and 7 figures (and layers of makeup hiding dark circles under your eyes)...because your life actually WOULD look like what you show on social media.

  • Success leaves the trail...

    Over the years, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with, supporting, guiding and advising entrepreneurs, leaders, 6- and 7-figure earners, visionaries just like you!


    In helping them start, grow and scale their businesses, there were patterns, habits, attitude, and time-tested strategies common to each one of my highly-achieving and impactful experts, and paired with my approach, methods, expertise, zone of genius, the success was inevitable.


    Now, I am taking what I have learned and bringing it together to make all of this possible and available to you.


    Meeting you exactly where you, and helping you make great leaps, shatter your limits, you are about to create magnificent things with your gifts. Here are some of those already available to you:

    • Have the freedom and confidence to be who you are, and do more of what you love with greater ease, inspiration, fulfillment, joy, clarity and courage.
    • Create your own vision of success and seamlessly navigate the changes of leveling up, and know your sanity, family, relationships, and health no longer have to pay the price.
    • Tap into your higher self, deeper knowing, and innate powers to unleash the limitless possibilities for yourself, your clients, your team, and those you love the most.
    • Connect the right dots and put in place the right bolts and nuts to assure seamless growth and scaling of your business.
    • Experience simplicity of undoing, unlearning, and going deeper and higher than anyone has ever taken you before.
    • Shut off the computer, turn off the phone, and soak in the lavender-salt infused bath, with a glass of vino to read that book cover-to-cover.
    • Book those flights without anyone's permission, and just because you want to give more to your family than your current environment has to offer.
  • Welcome to the
    Leap to S.O.A.R. Mastermind

    This is where you (re)create your realty in every and all ways (because how you do one thing is how you do everything).


    What this is not, is a get-rich-quick thing, nor a place where you'd be squeezed into a box and give copy-paste-tactics. And especially, it's not a daily ass-whipping accountability club (because you are responsible for your own actions, commitment, and drive after all. What will get whipped, however, are any bullshit excuses...).


    So, come home to this intimate and exclusive community, only available to 10 powerhouses...driven, committed, ready to do the work, and open to being fully supported and (challenged) to be best, do best, and give more - to yourself, your family, your clients, the world.

  • What will you get:

    The Leap to S.O.A.R. Mastermind is designed to provide a highly-customized support and guidance from an idea, concept, to completion and everything in between.


    Together, we will:

    • Design, implement, fine-tune the back-end stuff of your business:
      :: business model, strategies to help you grow and scale in ways that afford you the desired time-freedom while making massive impact & yielding massive profits;
      :: processes and systems that give you much-desired stability and predictability;
      :: management & team that handle all the non-CEO details.
    • Create, optimize, manage the front-end:
      :: services that harness your SoulGenius, assuring your clients are effortlessly served at the highest level;
      :: market effectively, in a way that feels good;
      :: sales that comes from heart and facilitates massive transformations.
    • And most importantly, master the inner work that allows you to:
      :: continuously grow, evolve, expand, and be the unstoppable leader;
      :: reinvent relationship to yourself, your work, life, relationships;
      :: love unconditionally, hold the space and yet ruthlessly guard your energy.
    And that is only the beginning. Why?
    Because hustle is not a badge of honor that magically helps you make, do, give, and be more; you have the POWER to end the perpetual cycle of feeling overworked, unworthy, missing out, burning out.
  • How do we do it:

    Private and personalized support and mentoring by Sara via 1:1 calls, private group, and Voxer support give you access to strategic coaching, guidance, and feedback...so whatever you need to ask, whenever you need some tough love, you are never alone (read: I show you how to get and stay out of your own way).


    Live group coaching and interactive training calls, created and customized to empower you, and give you the clarity and confidence (it's where you get the best of all worlds - direct guidance, insights, and directions as well as powerful questions to help you find the answers within).


    Private community of like-minded powerhouses from enriched with the wisdom and experience from various backgrounds, nurtures collaboration, support and accountability (and let's be honest, some healthy dose of competitiveness).


    Access additional resources, templates, trainings in the Choose Your Future membership vault any time you need them.


    VIP seat at the in-person annual retreat (in alpine Slovenia, tropical Hawaii, or metropolitan New York City).

    Ready to S.O.A.R.?


    The desire and mission of this mastermind is to create a space that facilitates building strong connections and relationships, therefore spaces are limited, and each member is admitted on private and selective basis. To be considered, apply below.

  • Investment:

    $2,500 per month gives you:

    • One (1) monthly 1:1 call with Sara
    • Voxer access to Sara
    • Two (2) live group coaching calls
    • One (1) monthly training
    • Access to the Choose Your Future membership vault of resources
    • Annual retreat
    • Private group
    • Bonus VIP Day (valued at $10,000) when paid in full for the year

    Your next step is simple, submit the application:


    We reserve the right to change the offer details and prices at any time without further notice. However, when you subscribe, you are guaranteed the terms from when the first payment is made. All sales are final. There are no refunds whatsoever. Should you have any questions, email me directly at sara(at)saraoblakspeicher(dot)com, and we'll go from there.