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You have what it takes to create a MASSIVE transformation & jumpstart quantum (financial, mindset, energy) leaps... time to spend your holidays relaxed, fully present & feeling GOOD... & glide into the new year with Clarity, Confidence, Purpose

Whether or not you just spent this Thanksgiving with your family... chances are, in about 30 days, you will see them all (again) for the holiday festivities.

And you know what's coming, especially from those whom you haven't seen since last year?

"So, what’s new, how have you been? How's family? How's business? Where did you go this year?”

Doesn't what bring up the demons, or what?

Do you put on a smile and brave face for the "It's great!" while hoping nobody notices that tremble in your voice?

And then, guilt and shame sneak up... because on the surface, it is great.

You keep showing up, you hustle, you lead...

But deep down inside, you know that you are still living in the same old life, in the same old story, through the same old fears, feeling the same old emotions... with not that much more to show for...

...Or you have this successful 6-figure business [hey, 7-figure badass, I see you... chances are you are not living all rainbows-unicorns-and-orgasms life either, so keep on reading], but you are:

  • time-strapped (and it's just getting worse, the more your business grows),
  • cash-poor (massive revenues but also massive expenses to keep it all going),
  • exhausted (because you are sill a mom, wife, cook, maid, shopper, chauffeur, cheerleader, chief negotiation officer, booboo-kisser, friend,...)
  • empty (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually),
  • lonely (as much as your husband, your family & friends love and support you, they don't get how it's like to be the CEO, leader, manager, visionary, strategist, sales badass, and more for your own business... AND all the things you need to be for your clients)
  • feeling constrained (because you cracked the code, it works, now you better stick to it because playing outside the box or following your TRUE desires is simply too... risky)

Do you wanna try that again?

What if there was a way to create a radical shift, rapid transformation, and see massive results?

What if it did not have to take months?

What if I told you that after a VIP DAY that you and I spend together + 30 days of deep support... you will be like a new person?


I mean, what difference would it make to you to fix your "no hustle + no inner peace either" business model, and gain this massive clarity, confidence, courage to go after it?

Knowing EXACTLY what & how in a way that FEELS good?

Free of blocks and limiting beliefs that would otherwise guide you to self-sabotage your own success?

And (as a BYPRODUCT yet expected-to-happen like a sunrise, full moon, blue sky, green grass) sign up a $125k client in a day?

Or 3 $25k ones in a week?

Or within 2 weeks, the ones who will be paying you $15k per month for the next 6 months (instead of $150/hr)?

How would your life improve?

No, these are not some bold promises (what is possible for you will depend of where you are, and how committed you are).

These are FACTS of what my clients (and I) have ALREADY experienced... ...after they felt the same way you are feeling now.

And what they discovered it that the answers are not in working harder, that what 99% is doing & teaching does not apply to them, that mentors they worked with before did not have the capacity (or guts) to see beyond the obvious and call out the BS, and that it doesn't have to take forever.

1. Listen, 30 days with me is going to be a life-changer for you(r business and your family)!

Quite frankly... Nobody else facilitates such rapid shifts while creating such powerful strategies that create such massive results in mere hours!

[NOTE: this is the level of clarity & confidence YOU will walk away with as well, because you have that special gift, superpower, and authority potential, too...]

And that is just the beginning.

2. See, at the level II, the 90 days of co-creating the magic with you... we go beyond your signature offer & next-steps success strategy & block busting... from the INSIDE out.

Practical & logical with highest levels of service & being.

Your GENIUS + PURPOSE + SPIRITUALITY + WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS reconnected and infused into everything you do.

Not a quick fix or band-aid, but something that will work FOR you in a long run... (And for YOUR clients, and for their clients.)

3. And that’s where we transition into the level III; 8-month partnership where we go even deeper and higher to build out the elements in your business as well as in your life that bring it all together... to support you SCALING your business past the 6- and 7-figures in a SUSTAINABLE & JOYFUL way.

Words can’t even describe the magic and limitless possibilities we create, and play in at this level. Yes, in the world that thrives on instant gratification, 1 year total sounds draining... but creating your MASTERPIECE life & biz & unfuckwithable mindset... takes time (read: your commitment to yourself and the long-game).

So, let me ask you again, what could that do for you:

:: Serving your soul-matched premium clients from your highest level?

:: Gaining 4 free days in a week (or however much you desire)?

:: Giving you resources to book your dream trips, or to move?

:: Enjoying the holiday season relaxed, fully present - just like the rest of every day that follow?

:: Hiring support you have only been journaling about?

It can happen. Literally, within days to start with. What are you waiting for?

Let me ask you differently: how can you even afford to think that you can wait until that "one day when?"

P.S.: I invite you to watch this free 34-minute video training that takes you deeper into the process of going from earning 1% of what you CAN - to BEcoming the 100% of your fullest potential:

...BEFORE you respond and request an application to work with me (yes, in order to support you & be there for you at this level, I only take on a handful of clients at once, so spaces are limited... Plus I am a mom to two little ones and with that, very selective of where my time & attention go... another thing I can teach you).

Dare to go beyond the strategies & tactics of sales & marketing, and into the core of premium soulful service.

Then, lets talk your perceived issues and the real reasons for what is going on in your business & life (including feeling overwhelmed, overworked, stuck, burning out, empty, disconnected, unfulfilled, underpaid,.... or perhaps even... BORED), and how you could change it all within the next 30 to 90 days, or 8 months (depending on where you are and what you want)...

...If you take action now.