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Why do you believe so many [coaches] struggle to make it beyond $30k years?

I oftentimes hear this familiar question: “Why do you believe so many [coaches] struggle to make it beyond $30k years?”


My answer taps also those who are well beyond that (at 6, even 7 figures but still feel overworked, burning out, disconnected, trapped, alone, even bored):


Having a skill (ability to coach, consult, provide a service), is what one does.


The HOW to make it work is oftentimes compartmentalized in “sales and marketing and mindset” box.

It leads them to believe this is all there is to it. And that is only the first issue.


Without an understanding of (growing, shifting, scaling) business principles, and how a particular model plays into marketing, sales, management, operations,...’s like trying to create a picture out of several different sets of puzzles (aka, cookie-cutting programs and courses that teach one piece at the time with disregard for who YOU are).


Yes, there is value in trial and error.


And on the other side, if one adds up all the losses from (time, money, energy) gaps & leaks, missed opportunities, untapped potential,...

...all of the sudden, investing in a competent mentor who understands mind, business, and has the ability to bring it all together (in a way where those $30k years could be leaped into $30k clients... or $125k sales, something my clients did after one call with me) is not at all such a bad idea.


But many [new coaches] are lead to believe that investing $2,500 is “high ticket” - while if they were to open any other business just rent/equipment/permits would cost more.


It’s about perception, willingness, openness, and drive.