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Where does true freedom come from?

Fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction, joy... come in many shapes and forms.

They come from you. From your limitless possibilities, expansion, divinity.

They don’t come from hustling and grinding.

They don’t care about money in your bank, followers on your social media, awards, cars in your garage, bling on your fingers, beachfront home.

And you know it.

They don’t come from stillness and rest.

They don’t care about journaling, meditation, activations, ceremonies, prayer, rituals,...

And you feel it.

All of it and none of it.

It is you.

They come through, from it all it all when you embody them.

When you be who you be.

When you prioritize your desires, your feelings and emotions.

When you align your actions.

When your space supports you.

When you are congruent.

When you are free of judgement, shame, fear.

When you are the balance between physical, divine. Intellect and emotions. Trust and knowing.

Tangible and intangible.

Your energy. Frequency of your vibration.

And that is where freedom comes from, too.