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What's really keeping you up at night?

You and I both know that neither one of these is keeping you up at night:

"How do I create a $36k offer?"
"Can I have $10k day, too?"
"I just want my first passive $5k client!"


But, you and I both know that THIS does:

1. It's Saturday afternoon, your kids are playing outside, but you're at your desk. Looking at your bank account, and credit card statement. Your client's invoices are not due for another week...
And, they will most likely take a few more days to pay them. But your team needs to be paid, like, yesterday.
You look at your prospect list... And that $36,000 proposal is staring at you. They verbally agreed, but have yet to sign it...and the contract...and make the actual payment.
Should you give them one more week before you follow-up? But, what do you say?
You know that it's not the $xyz-k offer that you need...

Your cashflow still cannot support your business properly!

Or THIS one:

2. On a paper, your business is rock solid. Referrals are pouring in, your$10k flat-rate signature service sells like hotcakes. Your team is busy delivering it to your clients.
And you, the CEO of your company? You still have no time - or at least no control over your time.
What’s worse - that one client keeps changing their minds, and you’re on the 4th revision. The other one doesn't respond to emails on time, so that project’s dragging way over the original timeframe. And the third one?
Well, you’re better off just handling those few little things yourself - it should only take a few moments, at least you get to keep some more money this way...
You're barely breaking even with your margins as is. Right?

Wrong - and that’s what’s keeping you up at night in the first place…

What about THIS one:

3. It’s 2:30am, you’re supposed to rest before a big presentation the next day. The slides are done. The script - you know it by heart by now. The pitch? HA!
Just yesterday, it seemed perfect. But now - it no longer feels right. Are you low balling the price? $997 for six months?
Oh, you know your audience never falls for the cheap. They would pay this much every month, you know your stuff, you get them results… But…
No, maybe this time, you may be asking for too much. What if you lower it, just this one time? $5k for lifetime access? Yes! Well... Maybe.
Anyhow [fast-forward to the minute after the presentation]. As you went through the presentation and finally came to that dreaded point, you’ve made a split moment decision. No pitch! If they have questions, they could just reach out to you.

Ugh, all you hear are crickets!

(And, you have already envisioned welcoming your first "passive $5k sale", and already had plans to make more amazing things with that $997 x6.)

Have you ever felt like this? Isn’t it frustrating?

See, I’ve been there. And so were my clients. And the $36k offer, $10k day, passive $5k client? YES, all in the books - after some major AND some very subtle adjustments were made.
Here’s the thing: everyone can put on a paper that high ticket item or a passive sale.
Where things fall apart are:
:: really believing in it
:: finding the right buyers
:: hearing YES - and actually getting pay
:: having the means to deliver that offer - with integrity, fun (and free time to spare)
:: still being able to fully support your team & your business
Imagine - what would your business and life look like if you’d have all of that? And, the ability to sleep through the night? Waking up ready for the new day, at ease, bursting from excitement for new opportunities?

Are you ready for this:

you already have EVERYTHING you need to make it happen!!!!!!

But to actually make it happen, that can be really simple:
:: Identify why it's not happening just yet - within mere hours!
:: Have it all mapped it all out (not just the features and marketing and sales, but to assure you can actually deliver it with integrity, ease and fun) - within a day!
:: Have you on your way to your next goal on your big & bold vision board - within a few short months!
Yup, that’s what I do with my clients.

Here’s what they have achieved:

• From nearly bankrupt to the 6-figure mark & beyond
• Quadrupled their investment back within 5 days of us working together
• Stopped a $40,000 leak in one company’s sales and marketing systems
• Doubled client contracts within first 3 months & multiplied revenues
• Spoke from stages nationwide
• Traveling the world while growing their business
Want to be a part of it?