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What is the cost of trying to be someone you are not?

The photos you can see on my website were taken last week at a playground, by my husband. The weather was nice, and my website needed new photos that were more aligned with the mom-on-the-go-entrepreneur theme. So, I concluded that we could experiment a bit, at least with different concepts before a professional photographer would be invested in.

Seeing the photos at first was very disappointing - because I began judging myself, criticizing my appearance, and felt really bad about allowing myself to gain so much weight. See, for several years, my "public" image online was that taken 7 years ago when I was in the best shape of my life!

I was simply ashamed of letting myself go. But then, my husband reminded me that being a hypocrite wasn't acceptable: knowing how passionate I am about helping moms build their business that feel authentic to who they are, why was I hiding?

And so, I took another look at the photos. At the girls who had the biggest smiles on their faces, at my husband who I know loves me today as much as he did when we got married (and he captured that in the photos)... We are healthy, we are happy. This is us. This is me. With all the imperfections. (I'll hit the gym when I feel ready.)

So, updating the website, putting these out there and owning it all, it felt as a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

But most importantly, this experience made me wonder about something:

How many (mom-)entrepreneurs are spinning their wheels, buying one program after another, investing in coaches, masterminds, and mentors, and trying to do it all.... ...only to feel stuck, overwhelmed and overworked at the expense of the time, joy and energy they should be investing in their families? All because they are trying to be someone they are not? Something they are not, never were, nor will ever be?