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What is keeping you AWAY from what you DESIRE the most…

(...and from adding $25k to your weeks with more simplicity and much less work)

We had a busy day, so our Christmas tree had to wait in a garage for a few hours before it was brought upstairs to be decorated. My husband asked me to set up the base of a tree stand so that he could leave it standing it up.


Watching my step, careful not to spill any water, I was about to put the base down when he asked to move it further in. And then a few inches to the left. A few more. Now to bring it closer to the other side. A few more inches.


“What the heck! Why this particular spot with all the open space available?” was my question as I was only seeing the wide open garage floor.


But his perspective was different.

  • He could see there was the door opener above that the tree would hit if put right underneath.
  • He could see how close our other car was and that, should anyone need to get into it, the tree would be in a way of opening the doors.
  • He could see that the garage doors would be unable to close if the tree was put down to yet another, seemingly ok, spot.
And that, dear entrepreneur, is exactly what I see is happening in business every day…

...and that is keeping you AWAY from what you DESIRE the most… and that (on some very practical levels) is keeping you from seamlessly adding $25k and more to your weeks with much LESS work & much greater SIMPLICITY.


See, first you have this feeling, innate knowing that something more is possible. But because you can’t quite understand it, or because you don’t have a point of reference for it, you keep brushing it aside.


It’s not possible. It could not possibly be possible for you.


So instead, you are keeping yourself busy trying to light up your tree… er… your business. And you are also careful. Tactful. Watching not to spill the water… er… make mistakes. Because where you are at, after all this time and effort - the stakes are high. With so much on your shoulders, so many commitments and responsibilities, and with so many moving parts, you are really busy with ensuring it’s all running as smoothly as possible.


Now, you are also very smart. So you do hire your team of experts to help you; from assistants, managers, marketers, copywriters, to web designers. They are all brilliant at what they do, and can offer their advice. Yet, the insights they can offer are incomplete, irrelevant even, for your big picture… (because you are not so clear on your direction & the big picture, therefore all of those investments yield only a fraction of the… potential... ROI).


Plus, they still have to wait and follow your lead in order for them to execute on whatever their delegated responsibilities are.


So, to help with that, you hire coaches, consultants, mentors.


But the truth is that most of the experts are either trained to focus on one thing (in fact, the whole industry is echoing “niche down, niche down…” and then “Do what feels good, do what feels good!”


(Which is, by the way, the most dangerous advice and the reason why you still feel stuck.)


Or, they are so far ahead of you that they simply don’t have the understanding, capacity, nor the interest to go with you into the nitty gritty while keeping an eye on the big picture.


Or, they don’t know how to masterfully integrate powerful and high-level mindset work + expert business consulting + intuitive strategizing + success coaching + divine powers, so they need years to bring you the mindset and income leaps you already ARE ready for.

  And then there is something else.


What I also see with so many others just like you - the high-achieving, brilliant, intelligent, and insanely driven (women) entrepreneurs do - you are trying to remain good, of course, focusing on remaining grateful. Loyal. Not difficult. Optimistic. (And keep working hard for you were raised to believe nothing comes easy, and lead to believe that love & abundance are conditional).


Where is that confidence? That rebel you were born with?


Because that higher version of you would NOT settle for excuses like:

  • "Oh, I know it's a long process, it's all a part of the change."
  • "Oh, I know there are gaping holes and leaks, but I just can't focus on them right now."
  • "Oh, my success is different, it's more complicated than what others do."
  • “But we have been working together for about a year now, and they are a really good person.”
  • "You know how it is..."

And you know it.


Just imagine…

  • ...that you are actually standing the tree up without hitting the ceiling (er... no longer putting in 11 hours and feeling the need to justify yourself when you do take time off, go pamper yourself, of binge-watch Netflix... and instead turn your dreams of enjoying your 3-day work weeks, taking your kids to Europe…buying your second home... into reality).
  • ...that you are opening the car doors without brushing against the tree (er… ending the madness of amping up your marketing efforts in order to increase your revenues... only to see your profits evaporating faster than the water on the stove you totally forgot about when you went to make yourself some tea hours ago).
  • ...that you are closing the garage doors (er… only working with a reliable team whose work is always on time and exceeding your standards, only the clients who are a JOY to work with, only taking on projects that excite you, only surrounding yourself with people you love).
  • ...that you are finally standing in the right spot (er... finally able to create something that fundamentally supports you so that you can answer your calling, step into your purpose, and change the world, effortlessly, in complete alignment).
Because - you can.


See, it’s not just about identifying the gaps and leaks, and cleaning up the problems.


It’s about Ease, Leverage, Simplicity, Purpose, Confidence, and your Superpowers.


It’s about building the bridge between your shooting-stars-like-inspiration and glimpses into your grander vision… and the new beliefs, new constructs, new knowing.


It’s about seeing your Infinite Possibilities, shifting into new Paradigms, co-creating your upgraded Spiritual Identity, and Divinely Designing your unique path to it all…


When I show you how to merge your skillset, business structure, and prodigy model with your gifts, your personality, and your telling your story...

...when I show you the how behind the why (before and all of the afters) as we focus on, create, deepen it all... will experience rapid Mindset and Income Leaps (one way you will notice your mightiness will be witnessing how brightly your Soulful Sales & Service star on the top of your tree will start to shine, and that will illuminate all of your ideal clients who are already waiting in line to impress you enough to take them on... without any drama, complexities typical for where you are right now)...

...and you will finally feel at home, at ease, fulfilled... ready for what comes next.