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What is commitment?

Commitment is not posing in brand new kicks and top-label outfits, thinking you're top-shit just because others fell for a few tricks you've got up your sleeve...'s the WILLINGNESS to dine in cafeterias in between of grueling workouts - while everyone else is enjoying their summer vacations.'s the READINESS to leave behind family, friends, culture and move 1/2 the world away, barely speaking the language - to keep doing more of what you love.'s the ABILITY to put yourself in the other person's shoes and shovel off the driveway so that they don't have to at 2am - with a baby in a carrier and toddler on a sled.'s the DARING to risk it all and go all-in, holding only onto that innate knowing and deep trust - simply because your heart is pulling you onto the next level, new direction.'s the STRENGTH to ask for support when you're the most convinced you can do it all & have it all figured out - and then actually trust to take the advice.'s the CARING to not buy into your client's story that's been keeping them stuck for 28 years - but instead pushing them beyond their comfort zone until they can feel the difference.'s the PERSEVERANCE to get up once more, brush yourself off, and put yourself out there again - right after you'd been crushed, rejected, attacked, ridiculed, envied.'s the AUDACITY to think, dream, and act even bigger, as if it's only done - especially when everyone around you is saying you shouldn't, that it can't be done, or shaming you for doing it your way.

It’s the VISION to do something greater than yourself, to stand up for a cause, to build a legacy - even when it’s inconvenient and hard.'s the INSANITY to do it all...over and over again...until you GET to where you KNOW you ought to be - fully knowing that that will only be the new beginning of what's to come next.'s the LOVING YOURSELF enough to give this to your soul.

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