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What does it mean to 'align your business with your personality'?

When you feel stuck in your business, one of the things to do is to compare your personality with what you offer.


  • If you are spontaneous and love flexibility, tying yourself down to year-long, weekly calls with your clients will make you resent them and your work.
  • If you excel in presentations and webinars, sell through them, and skip sales calls all together.
  • If you love writing, video marketing might not be the best fit for you.
  • If you dread any sort of detailed, repeatable work, offering services where your clients expect you to do such work for them will suck life out of you.
  • If you know that you deliver way more than what you charge for, up your rates.
  • If you love working with people who are well organized, punctual, very professional, taking on stressed, easy-going, super-casual clients will drain you.
You get the idea...