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What do you value the most - accuracy, speed, price?

You know what's so incredible about being an entrepreneur? The journey!


It doesn't matter whether you're at $20/hr or $20k packages, or at $900 VIP Days or $9,000 ones,
some questions, fears, doubts never vanish - no matter how many zeros are on your accounts.

In fact, some of the simply grow.


Growing a business is More Than Just Profits - you gotta work on Shattering Your Limits every day:

If you are a coach, consultant, or a professional service provider with an established business who wants to:


:: step up and step into your powerful-self,
:: get paid bigger bucks,
:: spend less time doing so,
:: still provide high quality of service to your clients,


take these 4 steps:


✔️ Get the foundation sorted: business model, your zone of genius, brilliance, strategies, mindset
✔️ Dive deep into strategies & tactics, fixing costly leaks and gaps
✔️ Search for the answers around your service and pricing structure
✔️ Find accountability, even "speed dial" exclusive access, for additional support with the execution of your plan


And when you are seeking expert support to help you with either one of these steps, ask yourself:


:: Do you want it done right?
:: Do you want it done cheaply?
:: Do you want it done fast?


As one of my mentors, Bob Yeager, pointed it out the other day:


If you want it done right and cheap, it won't be fast.
If you want it done cheap and fast, it won't be right.
If you want it done right and fast, it won't be cheap.


Understanding this will help you to avoid a lot of problems down the road!