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Unsaid. Unexpressed. Unfelt. Uncomfortable. Unconventional.

The skies above NYC have cleared up yesterday, in more ways than one, as my dear friend Dianne Sykes (a brilliant coach and exercise psychologist) and I were lounging, chatting, brainstorming...

And, as we usually do, we dove deep into all that is unsaid. Unexpressed. Unfelt. Uncomfortable. Unconventional.
So, here is something I would like to share with you, something to be with:
May it be sex, money, death... may it be conscious parenting... may it be concepts of the highest service... may it be the bolts and nuts of value creation & exchange... and everything in between...
Why is it such taboo to talk about it - even allowing ourselves to feel some of which is the rawest, purest part of us and our human experience?
How can we take all of it, embrace it, embody it, share it, radiate it?
In business and in life, whether you are just getting started, or you are starting all over again, or you already have it all and you wonder what’s next...
Take the shadows. Play with the fear. Turn them into gifts.
You are never alone on this journey. Allow yourself to be supported, guided, picked up when you fall down, embraced when you are hurting, challenged when you think you gave it all, and at ease while everyone else is grinding...
...just as you ought to allow yourself to be good, bad, wild, free, sensitive, tough, naughty, nice, powerful, vulnerable, and all of it on the whole Spectrum Of Amazing Revolutionary self-expressed you.
This is just the beginning.