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Trusting the process and collapsing time

Today, I want to share with you a recent experience that tested my patience just as much as it has deepened my faith - both qualities one needs to master in both business and life.

My first flight on Saturday night to Europe ended up departing with nearly a 2-hour delay (which would leave about 20min to the connection flight’s departure).
I could feel anxiety creep in, but I chose to trust that it would all work out...
Once we took off, I was offered an upgraded seat which was a pure treat, especially since I flew by my self, without the little ones (for the first time in 6 years).
Once we landed, I was thrilled because somehow, we arrived faster and so I had about 40 minutes to make my way across the airport...
...except that the gate was not ready, so we sat in the tarmac for about 20 min.
Somehow, I trusted it would all work out. I kept envisioning being in Slovenia in time for dinner with my parents.
Next, I darted across the airport only to be body-searched - twice - due to the scanner’s malfunction.
Somehow, I managed to reach the gates just in time to board the connecting flight, and once I got to my seat, I fell asleep...
...only to wake up 45min later, still sitting on tarmac!
"Dinner with my parents, dinner with my parents..." was all I allowed myself to focus on.
And you know what, somehow, we made it to the final destination - on time!
(Yes, the dinner with them and my sister was a real treat!)
When do you feel you could practice more patience, trusting that deeper knowing, and simply choosing to believe?
How would that impact you, your business, your life?