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This message & 6 questions can save your business, your marriage, your health, and more...

7 years ago, a little puppy joined my husband and I. Bringing Kody home from a shelter was like bringing home happiness dressed in a fluffy white coat.

Over the years, he has been thriving. Healthy, he was there when each one of our girls was brought from a hospital. He became their playmate, protector, confidant.

Then one sunny day in May of this year, he hurt his paw really badly. He needed a surgery, and after very strict recovering regiment, he still has not been cleared to move freely, much less going out for walks.

And we just returned from a vet because his body reacted to a recent procedure.

So, more treatments, healing,...

Not to mention hefty vet bills...

Now lets use this example and apply it to you, your life and business:

For years, you have been creating, building, growing, succeeding.

Putting on a brave face, staying up late, raising before dawn, pushing through, you have it all:
- happy family
- strong marriage
- thriving business
- beautiful home
- traveling experience
- you are admired, respected...

...or - are you really?

  • Do you ever cry in the bathroom under the shower, where nobody can hear you, because you feel trapped, powerless?
  • Do you ever go on cleaning sprees to give an outlet to the hurt and anger you have been suppressing after your spouse tuned you down, again?
  • Do you ever bury yourself in work that empowers your clients to stand up for themselves because you so need to figure out how to fully accept yourself?
  • Do you ever proudly say how you hate shopping, makeup, and do not need a massage, when deep inside your soul screams to be seen, heard?
  • Do you ever cut people off, play it cool and unfazed just so that nobody would uncover your wounds, trauma?
  • Do you ever obsessively push your body to the limits, rain or shine, because you fear nothing more than losing that control over your body, mind.

It does not have to be a nearly-fatal car accident... or heart-attack, or anxiety attack, or being brought to your knees by an illness or disease, or divorce, or bankrupcy... for you to finally say “enough”.

It does not have to be a full swing to the complete opposite side of the spectrum from where you are now...for you to turn things around.

But, just like this one injury Kody sustained that put the dominos into the motion for him, you have set off yours, too!

Because how you do one thing is how you do all of it.

Because if you are suppressing and running from one thing, none of it can be felt, expressed, embraced.

Because if you are sabotaging yourself in one way, everything else is compromised, too.

If you find yourself in any of this - congratulations! Recognizing, noticing, acknowledging is the first step.

How much is it costing you to live a life that is not yours? To run a business that is not congruent? To get paid less than you should? To risk your health? To have your kids learn those patterns from you?

Yes, you CAN choose to create and step into a space where you can drop all the drama, blocks and triggers!

Imagine how free would it feel to rewrite your stories to see & feel into clearly what you desire, seek, and envision.

Yes, you can redefine, rethink, reconstruct, recreate and reconnect your inner space.

Just imagine how unstoppable would you feel to match that with the external space that finally reflect all that you are.

Yes, you can amplify and simplify what you already are, do, and have to make it in a way that allows for greater quality, satisfaction, fulfillment…

Imagine having more time to explore, develop and give yourself (and others) what your really, truly want, desire, deserve, and need.

Today, choose to make that first step, and then... don’t stop.

Here's to the revolutionary self-expressed you.