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This is my story

Meet Sara Oblak Speicher

As we grow and evolve, and as our businesses change, the disconnect that can happen presents a very challenging situation… I found myself in one of them after the birth of my second baby, with a booming business, and battling postpartum depression. The journey of reclaiming my health and success was certainly that of a lifetime.

It was such a great learning experience: from the perspective of mindset, inner blocks, and breakthroughs, I have learned that every process takes time, and resisting due to the fear of change isn’t worth it. Surrender!

Trust that once you establish the inner equilibrium, everything will fall into place on the “outside”.

Standing out from the crowds at 6'1" (and rocking heels whenever possible!) the "standard" was never my thing... Being internationally recruited into an NCAA D-1 basketball team (moving 4,000 miles away from home and barely speaking English) I also know a thing or two about following dreams, adjusting and overcoming challenges. And especially about surrendering and trusting that everything works out exactly the way it is supposed to...

The year my husband and I learned we were expecting our second baby, could not have been a better year!

On the business side, my team was expanding, I co-authored an international best-selling book (that was also nominated for Small Business Book of the Year 2015). When I left for a 3-month maternity leave, my team successfully took care of my clients and the business, and I had prospects waiting for my return! I was on top of the world! This was a stark contrast from when our first baby was born a few years earlier;

I lost my job the same week we learned about that pregnancy.

Without any time to waste, I started a virtual business management company. Quickly, I realized that taking orders wasn't "my thing". So, I moved into the role of a consultant, while my multi-VA team took over the doing. The business evolved into a premium virtual business management & consulting company.

I've worked with some of the top business consultants, coaches and Fortune 100 trainers. Some of the results they get is doubling their revenues in just 3 months; cutting down their workweek by 30%; crossing the 6-figure revenue mark by doing what they love; tremendously increased visibility; successful product launches, just to name a few.

And then, I let it all go.

Like in every business, there are ups and downs, and this is how that pivotal moment looked for me: at 2am one night, I found myself crying on the closet floor. I cried because I was exhausted from staying up late to get things done, after caring for a toddler and a newborn and the house and the pets during the day (my husband was working long shifts, our families lived hours away, we had no nanny, no housekeepers or gardeners). I also cried because I battled postpartum depression. And I cried because I knew things shouldn't be that hard. So, I let go of the VBM business.

There was much more I could and should do for my clients, women like you, and in a better way. I knew that there surely were many more women, crying for those same reasons, and that I needed help them.

I took a deep and honest look at things, and asked for help from my coaches, consultants and masterminds (yes, I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in my support systems). Following my heart, trusting my gut, accommodating my family dynamics, and reflecting on what it was that people consistently turned to me for, expanding my consulting and coaching support seemed like a natural fit; what better way to help propel someone else's success?

Why am I sharing all this with you?

What you're going through is a part of the process as an mom-entrepreneur on the go.

But you have a choice, you decide how to deal with it, how long will you allow it to hold you down, hold you back, away from your family, financially crippled, emotionally wrecked ... and unavailable, really, to your family and friends...

You decide on what action you want to take! Does your business run you, or do you run your business? Will you play the victim of circumstance, or will you take your power-stand, and claim your success?