The real cost of financing your fears, the business that isn’t truly aligned & supporting you, and your desire to keep people around you comfortable

Have you ever sat down to assess how much is it REALLY costing you to finance your fears, the business that isn’t truly aligned & supporting you, and your desire to keep people around you comfortable?
[Bring a pen, paper, calculator, Lavender oil, and a box of tissues… BONUS points for a punch bag, and a journal.]
Whether your business is “rocking and rolling” at multiple-six or 7 figures and team to support you... or you feel there is still so much you need to put in place, we can all agree that the work is never done…
But it’s the WHY, WHAT, HOW you do what you do that makes a big difference (in your bank account, freedom & flexibility, sanity, and client results).
How does your business stack up?
>>> Step 1:
Take a paper and list your services.
How much are you bringing in per month... per client?
$3,000? $5,000? $10,000?
Now here’s the thing: chances are that you are grossly undervaluing your work…
(...for numerous reasons: from not believing you have what people would pay premium for, to not being sure how to even package it all up; or you might be convinced that the only way to serve, is to support masses for minimum monthly fees; you might be comparing yourself to others; or worrying about the “no” and “not now” you have been hearing more and more recently. We won’t get into solving this right here, but it’s one of the first and KEY transformations I lead my clients through.)
But I need to to see this side by side:
In the first column, add up your services that you are being paid for.
In the column next to it, multiply these by 4 (that is the factor most of my clients gain through reconnecting their Genius + Purpose + Spirituality + Wealth Consciousness)...
...and what you could be creating, too, because YOUR genius+soul level (premium) clients are waiting on the sidelines, hoping for you to show them something that really resonates… so that they can feel into who you are, what you do, how you do it - and how that can help them.
So, the difference is what you are leaving on the table RIGHT NOW, every day, every month...
Take that number, you'll add it to the amount in the Step 2 below.
[If your team deliveries certain services, remember the margins would also be factored in… but we’ll keep it simple here.]
>>> Step 2:
Your typical monthly expenses… What does it take to run your business?
Your VAs and other assistants (typically, their fees could be $1,500/mo and up)
Your marketing team (a retainer with a decent agency could cost you $3,500/mo for the basics, all the way into five figures + percentages)
Have employees? Write down the number.
Working with copywriters, web experts, funnel builders, coders,...?
Renting your office space?
Add up the cost of all the systems, subscriptions, and other tech that make your emails, funnels, shopping carts run seamlessly.
You are smart, so you are not in this alone - let’s add up your investments into being a part of a group, mastermind, or being coached?
Don't have the team? Then add up the monetary value of all the hours you put in handling everything PLUS the lost revenues from not being available for your paid clients during those times.
Tally them all up.
What’s your number?
[Amounts vary from business to business, and will depend on many different factors.]
This is what it takes for your business to operate as it is, and for you to do your work the way you are doing it. (And if it's disconnected, not serving the people you're truly meant to, and if it's out of the alignment to begin with, you have quite a costly problem to fix first...)
Now, every day, I see brilliant, driven, high-achieving entrepreneurs putting in sweat equity without even realizing the gaping holes and leaks that are forcing them to work even harder.
So let’s take a peek inside some of those:
>>> Step 3:
Add to that the cost of flight tickets, hotels, and admission fees to various events and workshops and retreats where you are trying to improve something that doens't even fit... to band-aid or fix even something that’s not even broken.
>>> Step 4:
Add to that the membership and (admission) fees to organizations and events and marketing campaigns and launches where you are promoting the version of you that you have long outgrown, and the version of your business that fundamentally no longer serves you.
>>> Step 5:
Add to that the cost of your time, energy, and yo-yo affect on your hope & clarity from talking about it with someone who has been your mentor for years, "a really good person" you deeply respect... or your coach who's been great (except for the lack of desired results)...
...but who clearly doesn’t see the obvious, can’t guide you through it - or just doesn’t know how to support you at the level you NEED to be supported... no matter how “good” the conversations are or how much you journal… while months and years go by.
[In fact - file that reason that is holding you back from standing up for yourself, your vision, your knowing, your gifts,... and stop sacrificing your sanity for other people’s comforts…
...under the same fear that is keeping your from easing into a lean, highly fulfilling, purposeful and wildly profitable business of serving your soul clients...
​...under the same pattern that is holding your back from BECOMING the unfiltered, true, self-loving version of yourself… (while reigniting the sparkles in your eyes and turning the world into your playground...
...under the same wounds that are causing you to experience unstable relationships, flaky friends, unreliable team members, difficult clients,...Those alone are reason enough to do something about it.)]
>>> Step 6:
Add to that the cost of your exhaustion, agony, disconnect, wondering, busyness, sleepless nights, weight gain, rocky marriage, your health on the life support,... BECAUSE you know there is something MORE to you, your purpose... something more you are being called to... but you are still grinding in this wheel...
>>> Step 7:
Add to that the cost of NOT living the life of your true desire;
not serving the people you are truly called to;
not having the time for your kids;
not having the energy for the sexy time with your love;
not relaxing on your fully-unplugged vacations;
not having the bandwidth to serve your community;
not having the resources to really build the legacy you want to be remembered by;
not becoming the person, leader, partner,...you truly are meant to...
How does it all feel?
Let's now tally up your numbers, and tell me what the balance is.
How does it feel? Need the tissues? Need to punch something? Need to put it on paper? (Rest assured, you are far from alone!)
Now,... How much longer can you afford financing your fears and going down this path?
Ok,... let’s end the torture :-)
There is GOOD NEWS!
There IS ANOTHER WAY that is simpler, it gives you freedom, flexibility, ease, joy, and yes-on-the-spot soul-$125k-(or whatever k) clients... WITHOUT the drama, complexities, micromanagement, guilt, shame,...
And it is ALREADY available to you.
If you’re ready to uncover the secret passage behind the perceived walls, if you are ready to break the rules and have more fun doing what you love, loving what you do and how you do it, then let’s do this.
It’s really simple: your new-found vision + trust + faith + drive, and my masterful integration of powerful and high-level mindset work + expert business consulting + intuitive strategizing + success coaching + my divine powers to create a way that is UNIQUELY yours, and that will work FOR you for the long game.
And, because the Universe doesn't make mistakes, there is a reason why you are right here, right now, reading THESE LINES…
P.S.: This can STILL be your best year yet... and certainly your best December yet...