Slam dunks. Simplicity. Seamlessness. Sanity. Service. Success.

[PART 2/2]

Up for some TRUTH OR DARE?

First, give yourself a point for each statement that resonates (two if it describes you to the t):

🎯 What you say: “Business is great!”
What you really feel: [but I work too hard to make it so, it feels like just another job - I just want more simplicity, ease, sanity...]

🎯 “I love what I do!”
[but now as the CEO of my company, I worry about all the other stuff, and only get to do my craft for a fraction of time… Not to mention - I have not been on real totally-unplugged vacation in forever]

🎯 “My clients success is my success”
[but I am not really sure what exactly there is that I do, that creates that extra magic… so I am careful with that I promise and how much I charge because I don’t want to let them down.”

🎯 “I love my clients”
[but somehow only 3 out of 10 have the results I know they could have… and even those who do, they don’t renew nor become raving fans…]

🎯 “Making money is easy for me!”
[but for some reason, I just can’t keep it, there’s always something that I need to pay for… or I just feel guilty and ashamed of taking it for myself, my needs, and desires.]

🎯 “I always crush my sales goals!”
[but it’s a freaking roller coaster time and time again, and it’s exhausting - and to earn more, I’ll need more clients, market more, sell more, and that wheel will just keep on spinning without an end in sight. I am capped!].

🎯 “I finally have a team, it feels awesome!”
[but managing them takes so much time and energy - and I really don’t know how to assure they consistently deliver on time or on quality as expected. I just don’t want to be a bitch. Not to mention, by the time i pay them, there’s barely anything left for me.]

🎯 “Oh, I would love to hire a team!”
[but I don’t have the cash needed, training will take forever, plus… clients are used to me.]

🎯 “I’ve got it, strategies and plans for the next level/goals feel awesome!”
[but I will freeze just before the final stretch of execution - and start doubting in myself, my work, my services, etc. I don’t really believe it will work… I tried that before. It will take time.]

🎯 “The systems we put in place are what keeps us going.”
[but they are suffocating me and my creativity, I feel like I am not even myself anymore.]

🎯“I love the big vision for my business and life!’
[honestly, I don’t even know where to start, how to do it, nor if that’s even possible... And with everything else on my plate, I don’t even have the time. I’ll have to wait until…]

🎯 “Next level, here I come - more impact, more service, more revenues… I am unstoppable!”
[but my marriage is on the rocks, I haven’t seen my kids in days… I gained a ton of weight, I can barely sleep... I am burning out - but I ain’t have no time for that!]

Dare to comment below with your score?

Running, growing, and scaling a business (past 6- and 7-figures) with ease, grace, joy, simplicity, in a seamless way that is service-focused, heart-centered, purpose-driven, goal-oriented...
...it does not mean doing nothing.
Neither does it come stress-free.

But it can come damn close to the score of ...0!

In Part 1, we focused on the INNER game to make that happen.
Now, let’s take a look into the second piece you need [...in order to turn the 1% of what you are currently making into BEcoming 100% of your Fullest (living, loving, enjoying, serving, earning, traveling) potential].

Pillar 1: Seamless


Mastering the art of reconnecting your
(being & doing what lights you up and comes so naturally to you that you don’t even have to think about it… That is what your people seek and need from you (pssst… and that’s the Priceless Value Factor in your pricing formula)! Different from Competence or Excellence)
(stay curious & go even deeper because to truly feel it, and use it as your personal compass, your own Northern Star),
(previously reserved for your private life, now becomes an integral part of your success strategy)
(start with Orgasms, new boundaries, and openness to Receive).

[Prerequisites - unless keeping busy with cranking up your marketing and chasing after endless sales calls… time-consuming with mediocre results… is all you want.
By the fact that you’re here, I can tell you that it’s not.
That alone is what 99% of people don’t have the UNDERSTANDING nor capacity to support you through; and you and I are just getting started.]

Pillar 2: Simple


Masterfully integrate radical mindset shifts + rapid growth
to help you step into your true, bold, unapologetic powerhouse self

[And then, keep pushing the perceived limits to facilitate your continuous growth, expansion, and evolution onto each new, higher, level... to turn today's Desires into tomorrow's REALITY. Just for that alone, you need me on your speed dial.]

Pillar 3: Savvy


Backward engineering your your unique & revolutionary business model
(from your goals, desires, soul, genius, grand vision, and dream lifestyle)
+ irresistible services, offers & your signature systems
(expertly crafted to attract soul YES-on-the-spot clients & serve at the highest levels)
+ intuitive & success strategies
(downloaded & created just for you, and not copied from some outdated business books or one-trick gurus)

[That’s where MASSIVE results and quantum leaping your take-home-cash & however-many-days-off-you-want time-freedom emerge from. A specialty of mine I can do while walking in a park.]

Pillar 4: Smart


And to do so effectively, efficiently, sustainably, and in a scalable way, you need to
...heal your deep wounds, generational and cultural programming & patterns so that you can ...rewrite your story,
...(finally) take off your (limitations) blinders and
...dissolve any barriers preventing you from powerfully claiming, creating & living your
...irresistible & desired (masterpiece) business & life.

[And we use your work as the perfect vessel to facilitate those highest levels of healing and transformation.]

Now, don't be fooled by the simplicity, magnitude, and speed of transformation & results my clients experience:
I invested insane amounts of money, time, blood, sweat & tears to
learn, test, curate, and create this platform & system.

[To help you avoid the shit I have been through (while helping you collapse time & accelerate your success), over 20 years of experience has been pulled into this.]

But I have to warn you: this is not for someone who is afraid to get real, vulnerable, and raw... Neither for someone who prefers to sit in the safety of sidelines and wish, hope & wait for the better days (read: money to invest in themselves) to magically come along...

You think you have the ovaries it takes [+ to make unapologetic & radical self-care YOUR new norm and part of the strategy… the key] to BEing at your best & giving the best to your clients at the premium levels)?