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Saying YES to your goals, dreams and desires is an investment with compound interest

Did you know that 15 years ago, when an invitation arrived to come to NYC and play basketball at NCAA D-1 university, I almost said "no" ... because I was scared and, honestly, perfectly comfortable with how my life was (in my medieval hometown of about 20,000 in Europe)?

Stepping into the higher version of myself and making that leap of faith, changed the trajectory of my life and enabled and empowered me to go on to create everything I had ever desired...

...(including and international athletic career, MBA degree, career in Manhattan, marrying a soulmate, owning a business, becoming a mom to two girls, traveling the world while fulfilling my purpose, positively impacting the world, impacting growing and evolving as a being, unleashing my powers and genius,...)

♥︎ I invite you to take a look at your life right now, and tap into your goals.

♥︎ I challenge you to double, triple, quadruple those.

Yes, you can make them a reality;
yes, you are enough;
no, it does not have to cost you your sanity, freedom, integrity, relationships or health!

♥︎ Now I urge you to take this even further:

Whether your goals are monetary, or they revolve around your growth, the impact you want to make, lives you want to change... can they be impacted over the next 5 years, 10 years, even 15 years by a simple yet powerful choice you make right now: remain in your zone of comfort, keep feeding your fear, guarding your wounds, believing your stories, and ignoring your calling...

...or to trust yourself, say YES to your bigger vision, deeper desires and higher knowing, and make quantum leap right now?

Let's say that one of the first quantum leaps on this journey is to collapse your annual revenue into a month, a day, a sale (which my clients do in a joyful, fun, and liberating way - as a byproduct of a major shift that I facilitate). In 5, 10, 15 years, you could be leaving on the table hundreds of thousands (more likely millions of dollars) - even when you say that money is not the main reason you're doing this, having the resources readily available surely makes it a lot easier and fun.

Let's say that you learn to trust yourself, listen to your voice, follow your heart and start giving zero fucks about anything or anyone else who no longer vibrates at your new frequency (warning - this happens when you and I spend some time together). You could be creating unforgettable experiences for your family, maybe even finding your soulmate, and certainly creating the life you want, on your terms.

Let's say that you finally untame that inner lioness, unleash your soul-genius, and answer your calling (which all my clients do, as well) - not only do you start serving client who were born to work with you - at the highest level, now you have the insights, clarity, confidence and platform to impact and change thousands of lives though your work and consequently the causes you're passionate about.

Are you sure you want to be missing out on your best life yet, and all the magic that awaits for you on the other side of one simple word: YES?

Now, this isn't saying that the moment you decide to go for it, everything will fall into place, and it will all be sunshine and rainbows!

More likely, you'll be put to the test; your values will be redefined and reframed, and everything that no longer belongs will burn off (including beliefs, habits, even people and relationships). There will be times when you'll wish you hadn't said yes...but there's no stopping because once you activate this, the pull towards your truth is too strong to resist.

And that's why you have the right support [like moi] as you shatter your limits, break the patterns, upgrade your version of normal, and turn your epic vision into reality.

We bring it all together and connect the (right) dots to elevate your ideas, and clarify and define your own vision of success so that you can multiply possibilities, amplify your potential and accelerate results with more joy, purpose and fulfillment.

It all starts with (saying yes to) you.

Master Mindset Coach and Intuitive Business & Life Strategist