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PSA for Virtual Assistants serious about the success of their business, and their sanity

PSA for the Virtual Assistants serious about your business (inspired by numerous conversations):

In an industry that thrives on the starving artist story,
is stuck in the paradigm of trading dollars for hours,
has totally normalized devaluing its own services and turned them into commodity,
and is totally OK with settling for the quantity-based nickeling and diming - the anomaly that recognizes the value of your services, and who invests in yourself to the point where others want to invest in having you on their team.

I realize this will ruffle some feathers...

But after countless conversations with coaches and consultants who want to help Virtual Assistants (but are all hearing the same objective of "I can't afford it!")...

...and as a former VA myself who has cracked the code, I hope this serves as a wake-up call, and gives you the permission to write your own rules.