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One thing to remember when the fear and doubt creep in

If you are reading this, and you have the plan, you have the strategies, you know what you want...

If you jumped right in, started off strong, but now you're still sitting at your desk, thinking about it over and over again, overwhelmed with all the discouraging thoughts...

• But what if it doesn't work?
• But can I really do this?
• Who am I to deserve this?
• Should I discount, I want to make it easy for them?
• How do I do that?
• What if nobody shows up?
• What if I mess up?



... I have been there.



In my experience, it was more than having the right strategies. Or the right tactics. Or the right questions to journal on. Or the right meditation to listen to.


In my experience, it is more than knowing the you CAN change that. That you can ditch that. That you can only do what lights you up. That you can show up as who you truly are. That you can make it simple and easy. That you can have fun. That you can turn your vision... the big soulful vision... into reality.


That you can fly high!


You need to FEEL it.

You need to BE it.


Imagine, how would it feel like to actually believe in yourself 100%?


To remember where you're going so that you don't lose the sight of it?


To get out of your own way ans stop putting up with all the bulls**t you're tolerating now?


To be aware of what you are capable of?


To remember who you truly are?



After 20+ years of playing in the mindset arena, shattering limits, being an unconventional rule-breaker, turning dreams into reality (as an international athlete, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, wife and now a mom who chose to move from the USA to Europe to follow intuition),

...if there was one piece of advice I can share with you today, it would be this:



Because you have ahas, and you believe, and you have a dream and you think "this is it", and are adornment in your knowing...


...even though you just have no idea how to bring it into a lifestyle, into a business, without limits that allow you to add 2 zeros to the bottom line, and serve the world, and elevate the spirit of humanity... ALREADY ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE WORTHY.



It’s time to unbottle your genie-us, step up and show up in your full power!


Your gifts are needed, and your people can only hear your message and receive them from you! They are waiting on you!


Serve from your highest level, and none of the questions listed at the beginning of the post will be able to hold you back - not any more.