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Movies, emotions, & entrepreneurship

I love watching movies. Not all of them, and not all the time, but when a good one comes across that evokes deeper feelings and thoughts, I find the time to watch it more than once.

This past weekend, my husband and I watched The Hundred-Foot Journey. Interestingly, more than its culinary story, it somehow brought up all the feelings I have as an entrepreneur... And it made me realize how many parallels there are, and that are keeping us from meeting our goals:

We tend to stay within the comfort of what we know.
We fear competition.
We are uncomfortable of the unknown.
We obsess with "what's the other party doing".
Not to mention all the self sabotaging, prejudice...

Sound familiar?

So, here are some of the thought that the movie highlighted and I would invite you to absorb:

Entrepreneurship is a journey fueled by our inner drive.
Taking & incorporating something uncommon might just as well be that much-needed kick that propels us to the next level...
And, we are not meant to do it alone.