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Live Life, Love Life and Never Limit Life

A Short Guide to Balancing Life with Business

and Being in Your True Place of Power

As I sit here, writing this letter to you, the girls are running through the house.

There is a constant hum of life happening all around. Just a few minutes ago, I was on a consulting call and a sales call before that.

Now, it’s nearly time to get dinner on the stove and, later, get the girls ready for bed while I plan some strategies for this month’s business.

My husband and I will likely sit and talk while watching television.

The phone will ring a few times and then my focus is back to business.

Tomorrow, that starts over again…

…and I love it.

So, how is it I can concentrate on writing this letter to you while all this is going on?

Long ago, I decided I wanted all these things, simultaneously, in order to build a better life for my family.

You see, it’s easy to find a equilibrium when you are doing something for someone else but…

…in order to be truly successful at it, you MUST be focusing on YOU primarily.

So, let’s create a short cheat sheet to help you find that equilibrium, that authenticity and the clarity you need to live life, love life and get to a place where you never have to limit your experiences in life.

The fun part is, you get to take your loved ones with you without having them change who THEY are, in the process.

Move to the next part and I’ll show you a simple plan you can follow. I’m sure it will be nothing like you would expect from a business consultant, like me…but, it’s exactly what you need right now.

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In the future, if you need help putting this together for yourself and moving forward, holding yourself accountable, simply get on a call with me. You can find an application HERE

For now, move on to the next part and let’s get started.

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Start the Day

We have many challenges and responsibilities to take care of throughout our morning, trust me I KNOW :-)

But, I’d like to challenge you to do these simple steps, for the next few weeks, knowing for certain your life will change in a matter of weeks.

  • 1st: When you wake up, drink a BIG glass of water, brush your teeth and prepare breakfast for you and the family.

Make sure that breakfast is highly nutritional.

When you start your day like that, you won’t want to eat garbage throughout the rest of the day.

  • 2nd: Have fun, active conversation with your family or someone you care about.
  • 3rd: Once the meal is over, read or listen to something inspiring that will motivate you in business and/or life.
  • 4th: Take 30 minutes to exercise and get your blood going. Now, go clean yourself up.
  • 5th: Meditate for 30 minutes before you get dressed.
  • 6th: Dress for success! You may work at home, but you’d be surprised how looking good makes you feel good.
  • 7th: Take action on your day. Look at your emails and respond when necessary. Check out your social media and respond or post. If you’re doing this for longer than 15 minutes you are taking too much time.
  • 8th: Spend 2 hours of uninterrupted focus on doing something that will lead to results in your business.
  • 9th: Eat a healthy lunch, then finish up your day.
  • 10th: Be sure to treat your night the way you did the start of your day.

A big glass of water. A Healthy, fun, conversational meal with your family. Exercise for 30 minutes and be sure to meditate for 30 minutes. Get on with your night. Turn off the business for the day.

Finally, read or listen to something short and inspirational before you go to sleep.

Brush your teeth, get yourself cleaned up and get some rest.

Do it again every day, at least Monday through Friday.

These 10, simple exercises require you to adjust your days at first.

Over 30 days you will see results. Over 60 days, you’ll tend to neglect them, correct yourself and get back on track. Over 90 days they become habit.

Over a lifetime…your learn to live life, love life and create a limitless life that balances with your relationships, health, mental and spiritual well-being while keeping you strong, loving and focused.

Most importantly, notice how this system is designed to make you a better you while loving life with your loved ones.

Perfection in this is simple, you just have to decide not to procrastinate and live on purpose.

If you need help, as I know it can be difficult to get started, simply fill out the application at the link provided below and we’ll have a short call.

When we decide you’d like to have guidance through this process, we’ll work out terms on how we can work together.

NOW… start doing it!

With Love