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Just like in the movies

It's this time of year again... Family, friends, reflecting on the past, hoping for the future...

Every year, I am filled with gratitude for having such a loving family, both at home and here in the US, amazing friends around the globe, and every single one of my clients, colleagues, referral partners, members of my groups... People I know I can count on.
I am also humbled by putting things into a perspective, and seeing them through the lenses of those who are not as fortunate - love, health, happiness, peace.
And, thank to my dear friend whom we've been growing up together and were teammates for years, I got another reality check:
As I emailed her our latest family photo (yes, these are the people I love the most, my why), she immediately responded with "hey, it is really just like in those movies!"
Growing up in Slovenia (check this gem out in this quick video here), I remember watching Beethoven, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation and other movies, and was at awe with the houses, staircases, landscaping, holiday decorations... And you know what, I never even realized that now, 20 years later, I am actually living this life.
My wish for you...
We are so busy with chasing the goals, longing for what isn't that we completely forget to stop, breathe, and appreciate everything (and especially everyone) what is!
So my wish for you is to do just that: reflect, appreciate, and for goodness sake - reach out to that relative, friend, whoever you've been meaning to for the last who-knows-how-many months.