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It doesn't have to be all hustle

I want to share with you something I was reminded of last week, because I believe we so often forget about it:
It doesn't have to be all hustle!

Ok, so, we all know that to succeed in business (and life), one needs to hustle. Oftentimes, however, the most important part - joy and fun - take the back seat. And that's when resentment, guilt, burnout are waiting to happen.
As someone who has built a successful business, nearly lost it in a lifetransition, and then spent months grinding in resentment, shame, and victim-mentality until one day, I decided to end the madness... as someone who's re-emerged better, stronger, and wiser, believe me when I say:
It's totally possible and doable to have fun while hustling, being present in moments that bring you love, and seeing incredible results with joy!
So for quite some time now that I've allowed myself to really enjoy life, be present in every moment, and when I feel I hustle way less than I used to, the most incredible things are happening:
  • from invitations for interviews,
  • to collaborations on projects,
  • to prospects seeking me out,
  • to (my favorite), PayPal notifications about received payments...

Naturally, I want to keep the momentum going, so I asked my coaches what should I do, and they reminded me to have fun, to accept and receive, and to be smart.
So, all that has been said above, then translates into these 4 far less poetic points:
  • be strategic about what action you take
  • be authentic
  • be accountable
  • consistently work on your mindset

And, if you're wondering now, "Ok Sara, this all sounds great, but how do I actually make this happen?" here it is:

I am a visual type of person, and a pen-and-paper type of a gal. So, a Day Designer and a colorful three-ring binder are just two of the tools that keep me going in life & business, and that excite me just by looking at them (joy & fun mentioned above).

In my group, The Inner Circle of Kicka$$ Entrepreneurs, I shared the exact tools I use to keep track of my budgets, leads, prospects and clients, too. And, the templates are available to the members: Come join us, if you're interested.