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Important announcement


I have been quiet here over the last few weeks...

The truth is that over the past couple of weeks, I've been immersed in another level of personal and spiritual development, had several energetic activations done, and have felt immense shifts happen.

Every time I sat down to write about the latest experience, something happened that took my breath away and left me in the land of no words.

In addition, I am gearing up to move to Europe for a few months, fulfilling a huge desire; moving to a place that supports my energy better, a place where I will have what I need to take a better care of myself emotionally and physically (time to face with all the extra weight once and for all) - and so the girls can create different experiences as we get to spend more time with my family there. (I wish TJ could come with us.)

With that said, some major changes are coming to business, too. Not so much on the branding part than than the essence of what we'll do and how we'll do it. (Make sure to read til the end for an important announcement.)

See, I've been in business since 2011. Starting out as a virtual assistant, I began at the bottom - very process-oriented, immersed into the details of day to day operations.

As I kept growing that business, I've been experiencing growth and evolution myself (not to mention, I've become a mom to two little ones since then).

Along the way, I've uncovered that my strengths were more aligned with consulting and strategizing. Building on clients results, I also realized that I was really good at developing profitable business models, and had the ability to help clients grow and scale businesses in a way that fully supported their desired lifestyle.

Somewhere along, I also had an affair with the idea of working solely with "mompreneurs." (That was a short-lived experience what left me feeling unfulfilled and confined. A story for another time.)

But something happened during my battle with postpartum depression (the battle that I won, if I may say so).

I started to tap into holistic, energetic, and spiritual world. I experienced how powerful it was. I experienced how comfortable it felt.

But at the time, I did not have the courage to knock on the doors and enter, so to speak, to claim my own divine gifts.

There were still more lessons I needed to learn first, other things I needed to master first.

Along the way, the business got a new branding and while the services have been upleveled, I was still 100% dedicated to support clients on 1:1 basis.

They still were getting amazing results.

But a couple of months ago, I found myself on the floor in our kitchen. Curled up against the corner cabinet, crying, gasping for air... My kids, little girls whose energy, wisdom, talents and compassion precedes their age, crying with me - trying to comfort me.

Just moment before that, I had lost my cool (over nothing). It was a drop over the edge. My life flashed in front of my eyes, I felt like the cage doors had shut closed, I felt trapped.

The years of putting on a brave face, resorting to the "I can do it all" attitude, tapping into the unbreakable strengths (because that's what us women are, we are strong, independent and unbreakable)... finally broke me.

It was that moment that I realized: I had to take responsibility. I had to take responsibility for my beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions...

It was time to rewrite the story. My story. Our story.

On that new leg of the journey, with a more defined mission, bigger vision, new level of tolerance, upgraded mindset - it was also time to release, to let go, and to simply - be.

I started a new chapter where I finally answered that nudging feeling - that there was so much more I had to offer.

Immersing into healing myself, I leaped right into learning about, and perfecting what has been there all along - for over 20 years, to be exact...

Skills, gifts and powers that I finally had the courage to not only tap into but fully embrace... To fully own them, and bring them all:

  • coach
  • visionary
  • channel
  • intuitive strategist
  • power connector
  • activator

I am very excited to be soon introducing to you new ways of co-creating, new ways of working together, new ways of helping you make quantum leaps, see rapid transformation, massive results, ... to shatter your limits.

I used to believe that all that mattered was to help my clients add 2 zeros to their bottom line...

I now know that adding those zeros is simply a bi-product of redefining their vision, upgrading their mindset, shifting their energy and vibration, rebuilding the framework and recreating strategies to that the action they take - is fully inspired...

The true gift is the space where they feel safe yet challenged; heard and respected yet pushed outside their comfort zone so that they can step into the certainty, knowing, their zone of genius - free of limiting beliefs, blocks and self-sabotage.

Now - here's the promised announcement:

If you have known that you wanted to work with me 1:1 but have been sitting on the fence, waiting for the right time...

Well, time's up.

This is your last chance to grab your seat for the following two solutions before I retire them - even though they have been among the absolute top-sellers over the years:

:: Profit Multiplier Blueprint,

:: Block Buster Quickstart.

What's coming next will be much different - and I can't wait to share it all with you!