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I went skiing for the first time in 16 years...

...and what that reminded me about life & business

I went skiing for the first time in 16 years and got to teach my 5-year old how to ski (we still need practice there).

For weeks, I was refusing to even think about it because, you know, it’s been so long; I’d need to lose weight first; my knees are not strong as they used to be; we did not have the helmets; we did not have the complete skiing gear; and all of excuses.
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But I knew I wanted to create this experience for my kid. That is why we came to Slovenia for 4 months to begin with...
And, that it was all just a story I kept telling myself - because I kept judging myself.
As we kept practicing on a pretty flat part off to the side, a man who was operating the lifts approached us and offered to let us go to the top and work our way back down slowly. He said it would be a better experience for her.
So we went down the slopes, slowly and with lots of breaks...
I realized how silly my fears were. That I was able to show her and teach her regardless. That she had a blast, and wanted to keep going.
What are you stopping yourself from because of some story your mind created?
Who are you not serving because of some expectations your ego has set?