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I did something the other day that scared me...

What will it take for you to move through fear? To dissolve it?


I did something the other day that scared me - despite my fear of heights and non-fondness of speed...


My dad and I ziplined one of the world’s fastest and steepest ziplines...


Standing on the top of the world’s tallest skijumps in Planica, waiting for my turn, and eyeing all 1680 ft of the line that was dropping so steeply... around 600ft, to be exact...


I tried to calm my nerves by taking in the most spectacular views that are typically reserved only for the most elite skijumpers.


As the line in front of me was getting shorter and shorter, I could feel my heart beat faster.


“Are you afraid?” asked one of the guys working there. “It’s so much fun, you’ll see!”


I needed that interruption!


And my response was so spontaneous: “I am. But my girls are watching and I want to show them how much we can do when we choose to move through fear. And since that’s the exact thing I help my clients with, I choose to walk my talk.”


Before I knew it, it was time to go.


It was time to take a deep breath, to exhale, and to dive.


I can’t even begin to describe the feeling of zipping through the air at nearly 60mph.

(Not a big deal for motorbikers and skydivers, I know...)


But for me -it was awesome!


The moment I left the platform, the fear vanished and all there was was joy.


I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Now, let me ask you: how much of your life is dictated by fear? Limiting beliefs?


What will it take for you to move it? To move through it? To dissolve it?