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I confess...

I realize that posting this might be risky and can cost me "points" with some people, but here it goes (because this is not a popularity contest)...

For the longest time, I resented the idea of serving moms-in-business, to focusing my services on that specific market. Why?

Because for the longest time, I thought that with an MBA degree, I ought to do serious consulting, you know the kind where one walks around in business suit in heels, hair in a polished bun, writing super serious reports.

Even when I'd be running my own business in yoga pants with a little one on my hip. And even when deep down in my heart, I knew that supporting other moms is what I should have been doing, with the screaming-from-the-top-of-the-building type of passion.

Now, I do owe a public apology to all of the moms out there whom I secretly admired but refused to be identified with! You are kicka$$! Raising your family, being a wife (or partner), and running your business... My hat's off to you!

I also want to thank many of you who have been waiting on me (more or less patiently), to come to senses!

Lessons that I've learned have been painful and in part have costed me and my family a lot.

Once I finally let my heart to lead, it was like a whole new world opened up.

So please, if there is something you know in your heart that you were meant to do, don't let your ego, pride, conscious mind, even public norms, fool you!