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How to turn 4 NOs and fu***d-up confidence into quantum leaps in SAME week...

...[that attract millionaire clients in the middle of a messy life]

Ever since you were old enough to be around sex-talks, you have been exposed to the “men are always up for sex, women always have headache.”

Then, you grew up into a powerful woman who knew what she wanted, and was not afraid to roll up her sleeves to make it happen. In fact, your resilience, perseverance, resourcefulness and faith are what got you through some of the tough times.
But the more powerful you were becoming, the more you felt like an outcast. People felt threatened by your presence, energy - no matter how gorgeous your smile is.
So you learned to tone yourself down.
Then, you met a wonderful man… exactly the kind you had always dreamed of.
But while you were falling in love with him more and more, the more it was obvious that his sex drive is nowhere near yours, neither are his ideas of what “passionate and satisfying sex” is. Was something wrong with you?
So, you made the choice to tone yourself down, for his sake.
And here we are today.
Your soul is screaming and pulling you out of the golden cage you put yourself into (because on paper, you have it all… the home, the husband, the family, the business, the success…
...But on the inside, you’re barely holding yourself together. The massive results you are creating can no longer overcompensate for this deep and vast void right in the center of your soul.)
The more you hustle and grind, the less it seems to be working.
Slowly but surely, everything that once defined you, is being stripped away… until there is only you, your soul, your desire… neatly stored away for the comfort of others.
Your business is stagnant. Your marriage is on the rocks. The only things moving up steadily are your weight and the amount of hours you are putting into digging yourself out (plus the investments into your coaches in hopes they have that magic formula).
Every day, you dive into work, determined to use your business as the vessel that will bring you back home...
Determined to outsmart yourself and your destiny, and with that feeling of being called to serve, you turn your pain into gifts, your shadows into services...
The more you reach out to them, the more you hear of the same old “no” or “not now” or “I can’t afford you” or “I need to think about it” or “I already have a coach.”
The powerhouse, unstoppable you would be right there to the very end, holding up the mirror for them, honestly telling them that the path they are on is never going to bring them to where they want to be.
The powerhouse you would believe in the gifts, trust herself, and bring it across the finish line (a new client whose life you can now help change, and $25k in your bank account).
But again, you stopped and toned yourself down for their comfort.
Only this time, you look in the mirror.
YOU are the mirror.
Everything is projected back at you.
Everybody’s excuses are your excuses.
Everybody’s rejections to you are YOUR rejections towards yourself.
And the stories and fears of your coaches, you have taken them on as your own.

One second.

It takes less than ONE second to DECIDE that this no longer serves you.
It takes one decision to bring back the fucking badass powerhouse YOU.
The one with unfuckwithable mindset, determination…
This 2.0 version of you shows up confident, empowered, clear, on a mission, with purpose, and richer for this priceless lesson.
This version of you has healed deep wounds, cut ties with generational and cultural patterns - for yourself and for your children.
You embrace your feminine side and turn your victim mentality into ALLOWING yourself to feel, to be, to receive.
You see your world in a new light, and your life starting to come together again.
You now EMBODY sexyness because… it has always been there… you simply bring your sexy back . And you know what? Your sexual energy = your sales energy.

And your business is now simply an extension of that:

  • reverse-engineered from your desires to enjoy 5-day weekends, to have plenty of time & opportunities to travel the world with your family, and resources to support your causes.
  • designed to collapse your annual revenues into one month, one day, one sale with JOY, EASE, and INTEGRITY
  • your services designed to call in & serve your clients with the BEST you have to offer - the magic that automatically activates in synchronicity with your soul client, from your highest levels.
  • your actions intentional, congruent, in and in flow.
  • with THAT being the greatest leap: your ability to see this as POSSIBLE and already DONE for YOU.

Freedom. On demand:
Freedom of expression. Freedom to make decisions. Freedom of time. Freedom of location.

Financial freedom. Freedom to allow yourself to go after your dreams & desires.

And this remember-who-your-truly-are-like-Moana story, my love, it CAN BE YOURS. Right now.
Because see, you can wait until 2022 for your dreams to come true, hopefully…and with the waiting, keep dragging yourself thought the ups and downs, and don'ts, and rejections...
Or you can put the heels on, put your foot down, and choose to go for it and make it happen.
Second step - investing a mentor who gets you, who knows you better than you know yourself, who puts the time, energy, attention, and effort into their work that moves you through needed transformations to the desired results (even when you are not talking to them on a call - it’s how my clients create massive results & experience rapid transformation).