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How to thrive despite fears, doubts, naysayers and haters?

Some may talk behind your back. Some may label you a bitch. A fraud. Some may see you as selfish. Overly-ambitious. Insensitive. Unsocial. Greedy. Too blunt. Too masculine. Overly-protective of your space and energy.

Some may see you as too kind. Too giving. Too feminine. Too sensitive. Too talkative. Too loving.

That is perfect, because you know you are doing something right, and that you are blazing a new trail!

Embrace that, celebrate it, and here is how.

:: It may not be easy being energetically sensitive when that which you know and feel cannot be seen and understood by the vast majority.

But, just imagine having this divine gift that sets you apart from the crowd, that elevates you above the average, and opens the doors to your limitless possibilities.

:: It may not be easy setting and reinforcing the boundaries where all you have been taught was to be nice, kind, polite, helpful, giving and caring.

But, just imagine how would it feel to trust yourself and give yourself credibility as it’s the key to the change you are (making).

:: It may not be easy being the first in your family to move across the world or build a million-dollar business from the scratch.

But, just imagine if this is just the beginning of shattering your limits, breaking generational patterns and changing the course of lives for every single woman that comes after you, forever!

  • So, what do you choose to believe?
  • How do you choose to show up?
  • What do you choose to do?
  • Why do you choose it in a certain way?
  • Will you choose all that you are?

Remember, you can change that which is caused by your environment by simply making different choices.

Look at Walt Disney, JK Rowling, Anna Wintour, Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordan. Jay Z. And thousands more. They have all been rejected, defeated, frowned upon.

But they never quit on themselves, on their dreams.

And just like that, you have a stand to take.

:: Do you choose conventional, easy, average, and disconnected?

:: Do you choose to shift it all and make it your own?

I choose you because you and I know that you are a woman on a mission to live her revolutionary self-expressed life and play in limitless possibilities.

I choose you because and I both know that you have the capacity, capability and power to stand up for yourself, your desires, your dreams, and your vision, and to create & call in absolutely everything you need to make it all a reality. When you truly want to...

So, stand up, head up high, and don’t stop. You have no time and energy to be held back by those who doubt in you and envy your courage. Not you. You’re busy building a legacy.