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How to leap from an Expert who consistently needs to sell - to a Mentor [with consistent support + yes-on-the-spot $25k and $100k clients & 5-figure deposits].

...WHILE freeing up hours of your time *per day*

How to leap from an Expert who consistently needs to sell - to a Mentor [with consistent support + yes-on-the-spot $25k and $100k clients & 5-figure deposits WHILE freeing up hours of your time *per day*].

Yes, it is available to you, and that you DO have what *it* takes.

• By dissolving your feeling overwhelmed, empty, disconnected, misunderstood, lonely, overworked, stuck, living someone else’s life even.

• By allowing yourself to untame you inner Lioness, open your Leaps cage, and create the life and business that feels good.

• By masterfully merging your SoulGenius, Skills, Divine Gifts with Business Structure & Purpose.

See, the reason you are not experiencing such leaps (yet) is that deep wound of yours, your source of endless:

...hustling 24/7 (proving and justifying),
...tolerating unreliable team (and your own victim-stories & excuses),
...chasing after (tens of) thousands (when you reverse-engineer your numbers)
...settling for mediocre clients (and your own grooving-but-no-results mentors... and partners in private life. Sorry not sorry for dropping that on you.),
...discounting your services (chasing your goals under pretense it’s for special occasion and limited-time-only)
...and accepting surface-only results (for yourself and your clients).

Now, add also your lack of trust, and the need to control (micromanage) -> proven if you think about it... if you want it done right, you have to do it + your attempt to relinquish that is showing up in your body’s physical pain...

...and that’s exactly what’s keeping you on this path where, in order to earn more (which in your mind is the ticket to more simplicity, freedom and flexibility), you will have to work even harder.

Because the models, structure, systems you’ve modeled are not what you really need. Not any more.

It’s time to upgrade whiteboards, spreadsheets, and high-speed VIP days at marble-and-floor-to-ceiling-brass-framed-windows of lux hotels...

You and your future ARE worthy of deep connection
+ even deeper understanding
+ grand vision
+ simple strategies
and $25k (even $100k) investments & activate & accelerate the whole spectrum of powerful & rapid transformations, and massive & sustainable results...

...for YOU and for your clients (and their clients).

It’s time for comfy slippers, notebooks & sketchpads (and a glass of wine) for deep dives by a fireplace (and a walk around a lake, and a beach,...) ...several times a year, anywhere in the world... with unparalleled support in between.

It’s time to reignite those sparkles in your eyes, turn the world into your playground, and answer that calling.

Roar - it’s time to soar!