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How to just go for it?

Recently, Jay Shetty shared a beautiful video describing life in Italy's Sardinia, and how it's created an environment where people thrive. (Look it up, it's really inspiring).

And that is exactly why my girls and I went to Europe earlier this year - to experience this way of life. And it was absolutely life-altering!
We were in Slovenia, a country where I am from. It is Italy's neighboring country, and it shares same values talked about in the video:
- home-grown and home-made food
- exercise (outdoors)
- social interraction, belonging
- communal and family values
- sense of higher purpose, higher calling, deeper meaning
And that is exactly why I feel so pulled towards uprooting us all and simply make Slovenia our new home. Tyler and I have been having many conversations about it, especially overt he past several months.
Yes, there are many questions. Fears. Uncertainty. Doubts...and doubters.
Yet, I feel that neither New York nor the USA can no longer give us what we need in order to not just live longer (hey, that is really not on us anyway, we don't know what's in the stars for us), but to especially have more life in those years we are meant to share!
And that is our own responsibility to keep going after that which feels right, that feels good on the soul level, and to keep searching for the answers.
I know that to many, it's impossible to comprehend just moving out of their hometown. Or switching a job. Or changing a career. Much less taking kids out of their school.
So moving across the world in what some may be an idea they can't even grasp.
OR, it triggers them majorly.
If you have ever been contemplating something perceived unconventional, something you felt needed to be done but had no tangible evidence to argue your decision, or no point of reference that it can actually be done and how, then you know how easy it is to conform to other's opinions...
See, I have heard many of them...
When I first left my hometown of 20,000 to come to NYC nearly 15 years ago, I kept hearing how dangerous it was. That it was too far. That I'd be alone. That it was too risky since I barely spoke any English at the time. ...
When I first started my business (after losing a job the same week I found out I was pregnant), I was told it would be too hard. Too risky. Too expensive. Too isolating.
When I decided to completely revamp, upgrade and change my industry and line of work entirely, I was told it was a stupid and irresponsible idea. That I should had just stuck with what worked. "Why change what's not broken?"
When I decided to create the 4-month experience in Slovenia earlier this year, but Tyler had to stay home, I was told that I was running away from the reality. That I simply needed to accept that NY is my new home how. That it would be too damaging to take the girls out of school and their routine. I was called selfish and insensitive towards my husband feeling.
Some even went thus far as to question his authority and masculinity and my subordinance aka "I would never let my wife do that" (hey, in the 21st century, I a wife is nobody's possession... conversation for another time).
You get the point.
"Why change what's not broken?"
Well, if you do look close enough, if you do allow yourself to see the real truth, you will notice, it already is broken.
Your heart feels unfulfilled and your soul feel trapped.
But, you don't need to be fixed. You need something more profound and more empowering and more sustainable than that:
Yes, you might have loved your life and all that you have created and worked for all these years... all the sacrifices you've made...
Yes, you have the house. You have 2 cars. You have a dog and a cat. You have a beautiful spouse. You have healthy children. You have reputable career. Or successful business. You travel. You vacation in the tropics. You shop organic. The rest is primed right to your doors. You have the plaques, trophies, medals.
...but now, it's no longer enough.
When you look at yourself in the mirror, do you ever think, "Who is this, this is not the person I envision I would become... I deserve better."
You bought into their stories, their benchmarks, their insecurities, collective norms. And you can change that.
When you look into your kids' eyes, do you ever think, "This is not the life I wanted you to have, not the future that awaits for you 30 years from now... You deserve better"
You are passing onto them the same pattern you're spinning in, and you have the power to change that.
It's the "more life and experience and fulfillment in those years" that you're truly seeking...
Deeper connection... Higher purpose...
Whatever it may be...
If you feel the desire, if you feel the calling, I only have 4 words for you:
That's where life after success, life after having it all truly begins...
... think of all of your limitless possibilities to create and to call in anything your desire with ease, joy and in a congruent way.
Here's to your Revolutionary Self-Expressed You,
P.S.: And if you believe that you can't because you are not making xyz dollars, or don't have enough time... well, then start by creating and exchanging value so that you can spend half the time making twice as much... and you will see that money and time never were the real issues, anyway...
So, what will you choose? Will you choose to step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown? Will you choose your need to feel fulfilled over someone else's need to control? Will you choose your sense of purpose over preconceived symbol of a certain status? Will you choose your true freedom? Will you choose your kids' future?
It all starts with you. Go for it.