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How to AVOID getting off the path and into the hamster wheel to nowhere?

This is how brilliant, accomplished, driven and conscious people AVOID getting off the path and into the hamster wheel to nowhere.

Ever wanted to make a large investment (greater than you currently have on your account and in a pipeline)?

To realize the plan you’ve been working on (that would skyrocket you beyond anything you’ve ever experienced and saw as possible)?

To pack up and move your entire family (simply because of a hunch nobody seem to understand and support)?

To close down your signature program you’ve outgrown (but it has provided steady income and clients for years)?

To book TV appearance to share your message (that would spotlight your extra pounds, unleash your powerful bluntness, and take control out of your hands)?

And now you are...paralyzed in fear?

What if the question is not about taking that risk...

...but whether or not can ACTUALLY do this which you've been desiring for so long?

“Can I really do this?
Can I really see that power and feel it, I know it's in me...
Do I simply need to force myself to do it?”

Looking back, everything you had done with force, ultimately failed (you). So why would you push now?

Except - this next step is not even about forcing and pushing something to happen...only to satisfy the ego.

(See, it only feels like forcing something when ego is resisting.)

You are training yourself into new beliefs. New habits.
You are becoming a new BEING
who already has realigned yourself
with the desires and actions.

So, do you realize how powerful you are
when you let go of everything and anything that was holding you back?

Remember how effortlessly you create
and ascend to a new level without these anchors pulling you down?

Like getting emotionally involved in the
ups and downs, and letting setbacks
and (lack of) external results affect
how you see yourself?

(Distinguishing between the two is the difference between freedom, fulfillment, flexibility;
and remaining stuck, on a
hamster wheel of feeling guilty, ashamed, trapped, playing small,
and settling.)

What do you choose?

Are you ready to fly?