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How not to burn out, lose passion, shut down your business...

Because... It truly IS that simple to live a life of prestige, power, purpose, play.

Recently, my husband and I went on a road trip down the East Coast and back… 11 states in 6 days.
Around Charlotte, NC, we were approaching a roadwork. We knew that because of all the “Road work in 1 mile” and “Work zone in ½ mile” and “Slow, work zone ahead” signs.
Then, all the traffic stopped. Then, it was moving really slowly as several lanes were merged into one. Heavy machinery, piles and piles of construction material, dozens and dozens of construction workers hustling to make it all happen… Miles and miles of the highway were being worked on.
Our navigation system was really helpful in finding us some alternative routes, but eventually, we still ended up back in the traffic jam – there simply was no other way to get to where we wanted to go than to go through that phase.
But at least we saw it coming.
Wouldn’t it be easy if your life came with such warnings?
:: Don’t go on a date with that guy because to keep him happy will become your full time job!
:: Wait with the launch until after you recover from bronchitis!
:: Do not sign that client because they would not respect your boundaries!
Well, it kind of does!
See, spirit gives us signs, signals, directions…we are just not at all times trained enough or …silent enough to hear/see/feel them…
And, if you were trained as the vast majority, you will find it “easier” to force yourself through 5 years of “heavy work relationship” rather than listen to the voices whispering…”heal first, find peace, find true love, find god, then move forward…you are good even without a partner…your worth, value…existence is NOT depending on someone being in your life in order to FEEL successful, fulfilled, happy, wealthy…”
(And that’s just for going on that date…)
And the consequences of ignoring the signs are gut wrenching:
:: A self-made millionaire burned down her business because all that forcing eventually turned into painful faking - since all the life blood was sucked out of what once was planned to be a life-celebrating experience and statue of her success.
:: Another millionaire mom also implemented the old patriarchal way of doing it “all by herself, don’t trust no one, help is for losers…” And, she keep hustling… …her way into a hospital, …her clients on a life support, …and her trust issues with her way of being and handling business… (As reputation was EVERYTHING in her service-based business!)
:: Another self-made hustling momma felt like she was cursed with the (very common in coaching industry) curse of “every success cost her a partner.” And so she started fearing higher levels if that meant she was to stay alone for the rest of her life… A power-house with high ambitions is obviously a LOT to handle, and she felt utterly depressed about it.
:: And this one, brilliant woman who found a way to share her gifts with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through group work, premium coaching, powerful speaking,… …decided to GROW DOWN her business (the whole “manage & run it” became simply too expensive!) since she couldn’t SEE a way for herself where she could merge her passion + skills+ spirit + awesome profit… All while working with designated FEW top notch clients she already deeply adored, and still impact millions.
:: Or when this genuine global leader finally took the matters in her own hands, gathered the courage to actually take time off after creating massive success… …guilt came over, and she felt compelled to backtrack her choices, justify her decisions, and then kept apologizing to her audience for slowing down and taking a break… …in hopes that all those posts would be received as “Woman, you deserve to take a break, too!” sort-of-inspirational cheerleading…

      How about you?
Well, let’s see…
You have…

  • checked all of the “must have, must do, must be” boxes but still feel empty, unfulfilled?
  • a few zeroes already stored in the bank…but plenty of space for leaps and multiplication?
  • a bunch of fine clients …but no one is really RAVING about your work?
  • been told how inspiring you are for being so genuine, honest, raw, brave, but none of that comes even close to what you could ACTUALLY be if you finally decide to take your blinders off?
  • beautiful children, loving husband, great circle of friends, but you feel alone, lonely, and misunderstood?

        What if I told you that shutting it all down will not solve your problems?
See, when you will be ready to start again, you will still resist building it all out because of the fear of burning out again…
...or, you will swing all the way to the other side of the spectrum, into the space that is not you...
Because the truth is this: as the pendulum keeps swinging back and forth, it’s taking away your time, energy, and resources… It’s leaving you scattered all over the place.
It’s leaving you fighting with yourself, your fears, your ego, your emotions, your intellect… instead of integrating it all seamlessly…like two halves of a zipper…made for each other.
        What if I told you that it does not have to take forever to grow your purpose and step into (true) wealth & ease consciousness?

Most of my people take only…90 days or LESS, really, depending on the starting point:
• They moved their families across the world and away from the places & energies they no longer loved simply because they felt inspired, empowered, and motivated to follow their dreams, to break through social norms.

• They broke out of their own stories, found the confidence to shatter the rules & their upper limits to turn $150/hr services into sold-out $15k/mo retainers and $80k packages.

• They built location-free businesses and their dream teams seamlessly and effortlessly because they had a clear vision of what they wanted, courage to go for it, and understanding of the exact steps to take.

• They signed $100+k contracts with ease and integrity because they found the courage to own, package, present, and deliver their brilliance to their soul-aligned clients.

It truly IS that simple to live a life of prestige, power, purpose, play.

Breaking of generational patterns has never been...easier...nor more available.

We can talk about your possibilities once you drop those excuses. Present tense is always my favorite time to do that.

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