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Drop Your Drama

It’s time to Drop your Drama and put an end to information overload - and get to implementing!

I love a good webinar or teleseminar and I offer these in my business
all the time. However, there comes a point where too much information,
or better yet, not enough action-taking information, can be a bad thing!
At some point, we need information that can easily be put into action
in our own businesses!
I love information, but more importantly, I love applying it to my business to see things get done!
I don’t have a lot of time and the time I do have is very valuable. (I
mean seriously, we can’t get that time back!) I don’t have hours to
waste on constant learning and no results. That just leaves me stuck,
confused, overwhelmed and broke! – I don’t have time for this…
I just want to take information that is easy to break down, apply to my business and see stuff happen!
I am a sucker for some good ole checklists, videos, worksheets, quick
‘how to’s and step by step action guides. These are things I can turn
around and apply straight to my business – quickly! (Who has time to
wait months to see results?) Not me!
Only a short few months ago, my friend Ann Strout thought of a way to
give her fellow ladypreneurs a way to gain access to quick-action
resources from amazing leaders that are killing it, that can easily and
quickly be applied to their business to see results - without all the
hassle and wait.
Resources like videos, how-to’s, templates, guides, checklists,
blueprints. The same materials that we use in our businesses everyday
and with our very own clients. Proven systems, processes and strategies
that support success, results and revenue with ease and simplicity. She
knew we would be eager to share these gifts for FREE with her community.
So of course when she approached me to see if I was willing to help my fellow ladypreneurs out, I was an immediate hell yeah!
I agreed to share mine - Building a Business Around Family,
Flexibility and Freedom (6 steps of going beyond marketing strategies,
sales scripts and confidence exercises)
To make this even juicer, Ann got 39 other expert leaders to say “hell yeah,” too!
The purpose is very simple:
No more dabbling in information after information and seeing no results.
No need to spend months, years, training, educating and studying with
no return. No more spending hours and hours watching webinar after
webinar to feel more confused and stuck. No more investing in programs
and training’s to find that it doesn’t apply to you or that you can’t
make it work for your business!
When you sign up for this end of the summer Extravaganza Giveaway you
will get FREE, instant access to 40 expert templates, videos,
checklists, how-to’s, templates and more, that you can apply to your
business right away.
And of course, it’s all from amazing, successful and trusted experts who
have proven success and paved the way (I am sure you will recognize
some of these rock stars!)
You can meet the contributors and access all the goodies here:

To your success, expansion, and peace of mind,