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Dare... to choose your future

This post is overdue, it's been on my heart and mind for quite some time.


Those of you who have been following me for a while, you know the past 3 years have been full of changes, growth, evolution which was showing up in a form of different services, marketing approach, sales techniques, etc... and lately, also a new location as my girls and I moved from NY to Europe for a few months.


Those of you who are newer to my community - first and foremost, welcome. I am Sara and I am a mindset coach, strategist and mentor for women entrepreneurs ready to step into their significance, build incredible results, and add meaning to their work, relationships, existence.


But first and foremost, I am a wife and a mom.


And becoming a mom to two girls has changed me.


See, when I talk about business, mindset, etc. (and I love talking about it), it's always been with transparency, excitement, and a sense of pride for the transformation my clients have experienced.


But what I have not been so vocal about, was the essence of it all - the mission... the why...


Of course, at first it was all about them, my girls. To provide them the best life possible. To create experiences for them...


But the more I got to experience the system in which they would be growing up, form healthcare to childcare, to food-production/safety, to education, to reproductive health & women's right to choose, to sex-ed, to gun-safety, to the basic standards with which women, children, minorities are treated...


...the more I felt the pull to not just help other women take care of themselves, their families, or to help them take a stand...


...but to break generational shift the whole change it.


Why? Because I have seen and experienced the world where all of it already happened. I saw how it looked like, I felt it. I knew it was possible.


Some call me a dreamer because I grew up in Europe, in a "that broken socialistic system that could never work..."


Some are offended and convinced that I "should be grateful for the way things are, or leave the USA."


Well, the best thing about anything is that it can always be improved. It can always be safer. Healthier. It can always be more accepting. It can always be more inclusive.


So, for a long time, I thought that if only I could help one person have better quality of life, better family/work/life balance, then my work would had been done...


I thought that all I needed to do was educating people, giving them the tactics, tools, strategies...


Then, I realized that in order to do any that, I needed to speak my truth, and for that, I needed to improve communication. That somehow then, I'd be living my purpose.


Then, I dug even deeper and realized that it all came down to simply shattering limits and generational patterns.


Now I know that ultimately - it comes down to fixing, building, embracing, celebrating first the relationship that matters the most - that we have with ourselves... internally... on the cellular-, heart-, mind-, and soul-levels


...And that then, the relationships with others on an individual and business levels follow...


And this is the essence of the work that I do, that remained the same over the years - regardless of where my own journey has taken me. The incredible, driven, highly-intelligent and capable entrepreneurs I got to work with, they all have done the same thing:


They came in with one wish - to turn their dream into a reality.


They all left with something much greater - courage to dream bigger, clarity of what that vision beyond vision looked like, and confidence to make it happen.


In short - they dared to choose their own future.


See, whether you're called a dreamer, a visionary, too practical, too wishful,...


You have that gift... You hear that pull...


This is your time to eradicate the burnout, ditch the overwhelm, and eliminate the guilt.


This is your chance to live your purpose. Love your work. Impact your community. Create experiences for your family. Feel free.


This is your chance to dare.



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