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Busting 5 Business Model Myths

When I was a kid, my grandma and I would spend hours looking at postcards her brother, a sailor, had sent her - from every port and every country he had visited. Dozens and dozens of postcards.

I remember dreaming about how one day, I would visit France, Finland, New York, Hawaii, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, just to name a few...

She would tell me about the countries, their history, traditions (as an avid reader, she knew so much!), and sometimes, we just made up stories (like with that one postcard with a picture of a Geisha standing on a pathway surrounded by ponds and blossoming cherry trees)...

But those days evoked in me that deep desire to travel, to learn about the world, to experience different cultures...

Now, all these years later, that desire is still present, deeply rooted, and is one of the driving forces behind the work that I do.

Every day, I work with entrepreneurs who share this desire with me.

Yet so many are unable to actually live it, realize it.

See, so often my client's business looks great on the paper - their bank account shows six figures, they have a team that supports them, clients who get great results...

Yet they find themselves sitting at a desk, work their asses off, and wonder whether or not they can actually go on vacation... Because, you know, if they're not in the office, working, then their business is put on hold.

Sounds familiar?

The thing is that there are so many ways to realize that dream, that desire!

And yes, your chosen business model will dictate what you can or cannot do...

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Whether your bank account is showing 6-figures or you're just starting out, this FREE audio series will show you how your chosen business model fits into the way you're feeling about your biz...

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And as of me, I've had the joy of realizing that desire of mine - as an athlete, as an entrepreneur, and as a mom of two little ones. We travel, we go places, we experience.

You can, too!