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Building a business is like building a house...

"I already invested so much in my business - courses, website, copywriters, photo-shoots... I can't afford to invest any more until clients start coming in..."

Sounds familiar?

Look, building a business is like building a house:

  • You need a land.
  • A permit.
  • A blueprint (or an architect to make one for you).
  • You need a builder, then a roofer, a plumber, electrician,...
  • And we're not even talking about the design yet (style, tiles, paint, furniture layout, actual furniture,...)
  • Then, you need people to make all of that happen... It is a long process before you can call the house a home.

So, if we go back to business...

Copy, website, and photoshoots, individually built funnels, and copy-cat offers won't bring you clients, much less in a way that make your business sustainable.

You need a strategy, a plan.
Structure, systems, order, direction.
Then, you need to show up - consistently - and take the right action - consistently.

Here, we're talking your model, positioning, marketing, sales, fulfillment, management, operations,... And all of this needs to work for you, fit into your lifestyle, and support your strengths.

And when you want to uplevel your business, there is a system behind that, too. Just like you can't simply add another floor on top of your existing walls... You can't take your business to the next level without first assuring that you have a solid foundation to build on. And if not, you need to know how to fix it.

That's what I do, let me know if I can help.