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7 Questions you need to answer if you want to get out of the trenches of your business (and life)

Do you ever wonder if what you want to say is truly what your audience wants to hear?

Do you ever look at that other entrepreneur, watch her videos, look at her website, and wonder how she does it?

Do you ever wonder how you could make it all so, well, simple? Relevant? Powerful?

Do you really know/do/are enough to be paid *that* much?

And when she talks about her services, it makes you want to hire her on the spot!

And then you go back to the drawing board and start changing things up... Maybe, if you update your website... Maybe, if you add one more bonus to your program...

Before you know it, you feel your energy draining... Your confidence sinking... And what was supposed to be a quick prep spirals into a full-blown marketing, systems, update.


And then you realize you're doing it "again", you hop into your support group, declare that this new week will be a game-changer, you get your hopes up, raise your vibe, you journal the hell out of your limiting beliefs...


Week after week - you feel like you're ready for you big goals, but just can't seem to elevate yourself to that next level... But she made it look so easy when she did it!


Frustrating, I know! Not so much for your ego, but for all the opportunities that need to wait - simply because you're so deep in the trenches of your own business!


I know, because I was there!


Stuck in the trenches of my own business, worrying about every detail... Deadlines. Optin pages. Graphic design. Follow up emails. Integration of my schedules. Content creation. Video editing. Outreach and pitching.


And most importantly: wondering if the fees I was charging for my services were justifiable - because every one of my peers seemed to be stuck at that same level, and all the advice they graciously gave me all sounded the same. And none worked.


Once I began to understand how this "works," I was able to turn my struggling $20/hr services into sold-out $20k packages (with a team to support my clients!).


And speaking of clients - when I helped them shatter those limits, they were able to turn their $150/hr services into $36k packages and those into $10k/mo retainers.


But you and I know that it is NOT just about the money.


It's about taking you from being a solopreneur to the CEO of your business so that you can:
:: Stop doing what's been holding you back.
:: Give your clients more of what they love without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted.
:: Create a business you love, that fully supports you, and is truly aligned with your strengths, core values and lifestyle.
:: Start giving back more, with greater ease.


See, it's only when you make a decision to let go of your story.
To surround yourself with the right people.
To see things from a higher perspective.
To raise your energy to the higher level.
To bust though block and limitations.


In short - when you CHOOSE you and YOUR business.
When you choose SERVICE and being the SOLUTION.
When you choose CONFIDENCE.


That's when magic happens.
That's where "competition" no longer exist.
That's where you no longer obsess about what to say.

And you know what also happens?


Clients no longer care about your rate - they are happy to pay PREMIUM just to have you in their corner, because they know the VALUE you bring to their business and life is priceless.


So instead of wondering what to say and how - use your prep time to work on yourself:

:: What would it look like to BE this person your clients are looking for?
:: What would it look like to be the solution for them?
:: What would it look like to focus on your mission and vision instead of the process of getting there?


And then ask yourself - what do you need to BELIEVE to make it happen?
What do you need to DO to make it happen?
What do you need to LET GO of to make it happen?

And - what about LETTING it happen?