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5 lessons learned from reaching out to over 4,000 people

I went over the numbers the other evening, and made a painful discovery. There are 6 lessons learned, and 5 key elements of the solution:
Between April and June, I personally reached out to over 4,000 professionals and entrepreneurs via social media, I had about 12-20 phone calls per week. While caring for a baby and toddler (someone even said to me I was being a bad mom for trying to parent and run a business at the same time). And, very very few of those whom I spoke to would qualify as a client.
So what happened was that I kept hearing no - either they said it, or I simply knew. It was exhausting. It was painful, I became resentful of my own business!
Now, let's be clear: this was an amazing networking opportunity, and a beginning of some amazing business relationships. And that's awesome.
And today, all those months later, they are the ones sending the referrals over. And THAT is priceless.
So, what's the problem? I've done what I see many of my clients and colleagues do all the time:
1. Not sticking to your processes and procedures
2. Treating top-of-the-funnel leads like prospects
3. Doing what is out of the alignment with your strengths
4. Spending energy in wrong places
5. Not being authentic & lack of clarity
6. Not leveraging the time
(Good thing I am a fast learner, and that I have a great support in place, people who call me out and hold me accountable!)
And today, when I talk to other moms who are savvy entrepreneurs, they still share some of the very same issues they have. Some of them are not even sure what's keeping them stuck. Others know what that is, but are unsure of the "how".
So here it goes, the 5 key elements:
1. YOU: what you stand for?
2. BUSINESS MODEL: what you do and how, for how much?
3. MARKETING & SALES: how to influence your customers and why they need to buy from you?
4. MANAGEMENT: how do you prioritize your life and business events, to-dos?
5. SUPPORT: who and what do you need to make it all happen?
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