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4 Shifts to realign your business model (and spend less time making more, serving the right clients with greater ease and fulfillment)

If doing yoga in skiing boots...or running a 5k with a toddler on your shoulders is a no bueno, how would trying to grow & scale your business with the wrong business model be any different?

Well, it isn't.

See, most entrepreneurs are completely
unaware of the (unnecessary) restraints they are putting on themselves with something as basic as a business model.

(And if it's you, it's not your fault - the models you have been taught rarely lead to more free time, desired cash-flow, and wanted impact).

Fact: this goes for newer or established business owners; the ones bringing in less than 6 and those bringing in more that 7 figures... [whether the clients are in business of coaching, consulting, digital & graphic services, energy, healing & lightwork, marketing agencies, photography services, professional organizing, etc...]
Look, it's not enough to buy of shoes you can run in.
- You have to know where you'll be running (basketball court, athletic track, soccer field, cross-country trails).
- You have to now how your body needs to be supported (air bags, shoxs, special inserts, to minimize the chances for your injuries).
- And perhaps, you have to know which brand of shoes has it all, and works best for you (beyond the aesthetic).
So, back to your business.
If you are hitting the upper limits, feeling unfulfilled, uninspired, on a hamster wheel to nowhere - no matter how much harder you work...

...here are 4 things to check in with when it comes to your own model:

When you reverse-engineer it all, all three legs of the tripod are sturdy:

- YOU - what do you need to be at your best, fried up, and fully supported (to support your clients)?
- YOUR BUSINESS - what do you need to run a profitable business (that enables you to give back) and not an expensive hobby?
- YOUR CLIENTS: what kind of commitment do they need to step into in order to show up, do the work, and be available for the transformation and results they desire?

When you develop the right (congruent with your values) value ladder, you close costly and time-consuming gaps and leaks (that were keeping your clients undeserved and you overworked & underpaid).

When you allow yourself to merge your Soul-Genius, Gifts, Skill set, Business and Purpose, your sanity, family, relationships, and health no longer have to pay the price for living the life you've outgrown.

When you are in the right state of mind, and have removed sophisticated self-sabotaging mechanisms, raising your prices (and magnetizing YES-on-the-spot soul-aligned clients) becomes a breeze.
(And we haven't even touched marketing, sales, management, tech, team, and mindset yet.)
Dare to break the rules,