4 shifts that take you & your business to the next level

...and the answer to the 6 most common questions entrepreneurs ask

“So, what exactly is that you do? It’s been a while since we spoke, and I see some changes...”
Indeed, you see me write a lot about mindset, confidence and courage to follow your dreams, to live your purpose.
You hear me talk a lot about energy, vibration.
You read my posts and blogs about strategies and big vision.
Ultimately, I help you find the answers to:

--> "How do I feel more fulfillment, joy and how do I create more ease in my life and business, especially after I have already created some level of success - but it still isn't enough?"

--> "How do I spend less time making more? How do I call in my ideal clients, get paid what I know I deserve, when I am not even sure how to package my services?"

--> "I am doing everything by the book, I have the strategies, I am watching all the webinars, I am showing up, but it feels like there is still something missing, I am still not seeing the desired results. What should I do?"

--> "How do I bring my services from a small, local market where everybody knows me, to a global market? What do I do? Where do I even start? What do I need? Can I even do it? Do you think there is even a need for what I do?

--> "How do I uplevel my life so that I can be more, create more, have more, do more, give more? Especially for my kids, for my spouse, for my parents, my community?"

--> "How do I improve my relationship with my spouse and my kids? Years of grinding in business, spending every waking hour thinking about the work, years of being unable to take real vacations, years of investing and years of dreaming big but feeling disappointed again and again, have certainly took a toll on us!"

So, allow me to share with you what to look for if you are asking any of these questions.
Before I break down the 4 points, here's why I am sharing them with you:
The fact is that throughout my evolution from being an online business manager (that's how I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2011),
to a marketing and management consultant,
to a strategist to mom-entrepreneurs,
to an efficiency, profitability and performance mentor,
to business model designer,
to where I am today as a mindset coach, business strategist and mentor...
...I kept growing and evolving personally, emotionally, spiritually, investing a lot of time, energy and money into learning and mastering new skills.
I kept going deeper, higher, wider, further...
As I still do.
So I get to combine all of the insights, skills, knowledge, experience, observations and (with the addition of my international athletic background & MBA degree), create unique coaching experience and with that, fast and lasting results that exceed their expectations.
See, my clients are highly-driven, high-powered, motivated.
Some are very practical, linear and strategic thinkers, and some are highly creative, spiritual, intuitive, gifted with divine abilities and powers,...
That means that they come from different background, with different level of business knowledge, different life experiences.
For example, one client has been in her line of work for decades - but all she has seen was how her colleagues traded dollars for hours. For over 25 years, she felt scared and resentful of even mapping out her own offers. We did that, she's been playing in $400,000 vision, and knows exactly how to realize it.
One of the clients has previously built a successful agency. But when they shifted their focus and started over solo, they felt overwhelmed, exhausted, doubtful and unsure how to triple their results and only work half as much. I showed them how, and they are now sought-after nation-wide, getting paid high 5- and 6-figures for their expertise.
One of the clients wanted the freedom of location in order to travel, to control their own schedule and to only support clients they felt were ideal fit. They also did not feel that any of the models out there that gurus and experts are promoting has really worked for them. We teamed up, uncovered and fixed time gaps and money leaks, and put in place all they needed to turn their vision into reality.
The work we do is not about changing them. It's about showing them how they can become truer version of themselves - we peel back they layers of their own programming, limiting belief systems, negative experience and the baggage those have created, we dissolve blocks, love on their fears and turn them into success accelerators...
What we create fully supports my clients in every aspect: we honor the way they feel, the way they process information, their strengths, their genius.
As a compass, we use their big vision beyond their vision, and then, with my skills and experience and expertise, I help them create their own unique blueprints and guide them step by step.
I meet them exactly where they are, and take them to where they never even thought was possible.
And these are the key points, the takeaways I would like you to gain from this post:
1. Rebuild the framework, map out new parameters to create your safe-flying-zone.
See, a dragon knows how to fly. But too often, the dragon is chained down by all the expectations, rules, making it impossible for the dragon to soar. But once you break those chains, and you create that safe zone, the dragon is free again.
2. Recreate strategies that work and support you.
See, you are not like 98% of people. As you grow and evolve and expand and ascend, things that used to work for you will no longer work. So most of the strategies, plans, that you have learned piece by piece, will have to be purged through, un-learnt and un-done, and rules will have to be bent & broken because you are unique. There is no cookie-cutting approach to what you do. The details and nuances will make the difference.
3. Develop powerful mindset, crystal clarity and unswayed confidence.
See, this is like a foundation you're building on. If there is slight crack in this foundation, the whole empire you're building on top of it, will come crashing down. Self-doubt, self-judgement, guilt-trips, and lack of self-love are the reasons you're stuck, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, overworked, burnt out. You keep sabotaging yourself because you were raised to be strong, independent, unbreakable...
4. Show up and take action.
See, it's not about working smart, or working hard; it's not about grinding till 2am. You can do everything by the book and still not get to where you want to be... It's about doing what you need to, what you're meant to, in a way that you want to and when you feel like it.
Internal & external.
But here's the kicker - so many entrepreneurs tend to fall either in the "following the rules, metrics, algorithms, plans" - or to the other side of the spectrum of "meditating, journaling, envisioning, waiting, surrendering" because they are told, taught, conditioned to believe it has to be that way.
That if there is not, then there must be something wrong with them.
But the truth is, that your zone is in that very specific space somewhere in between.
It's at the intersection of Mindful, Heartfelt, and Soulful.
And this brings us back full-circle: in order to follow your dreams, to turn your vision into reality, to live purposeful life, to feel confident, fulfilled, happy...
You need to find that intersection. Not be swayed by the ego, fear, or expectations that others have of you.
Your energy, your vibration are the indicators of how close you are... And the current reality you're seeing around yourself is that you've been attracting.
So if the current reality is not what you desire, envision - well, then you still have some more work to do. You're still ways away from your Zone.
At least you know now how to find it, how to step into it, and what it takes to embrace it.