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250 billable hour might just break even...

When I was hiring my first business coach back in 2013, I was freaking out...
"It will take me 135 billable hours to just break even! More, closer to 250 by the time taxes and overhead were subtracted! What in the world!!! How will I ever ..."
Luckily, even as a virtual assistant/online business manager back then, I quickly learned the "best kept secret" that changed EVERYTHING.
People charge a fortune to tell you this, but because I keep seeing brilliant and gifted service providers who are still chasing their own tail, dreaming about having more time, flexibility...
....even hoping to one day earning more than enough to pay themselves, their team, expenses, coaches, consultants and still have plenty to set aside...

...let me pay it forward by simply saying this:

Instead of the process, focus on the outcome you create for your clients, and the value you create for them.

Why am I so passionate about this?

Because I believe every entrepreneur should be able to:
- Pay themselves what they deserve

- Regain control over their business

- Fit their commitments into the time they have, and not the other way around

- Implement all the strategies without watching the wheels fall off

- Multiply their profits, free time and fun with ease and integrity

- Grow out a business that is really, truly aligned with their strengths, core values and lifestyle.

As a business consultant, strategist and mentor, I help you do just that.

If you have questions, simply click here, or visit my website.

You want answers, I have them. Let's talk.
P.S.: Take it from my client Kelly, who writes "Within a 2-weeks with Sara, I was able to hone in on the client sectors in which I wanted to focus my consulting practice.
Together, we worked through my unique sales process and pricing structure, discussed personal and revenue goals, and even brainstormed some innovative ways to pitch my value prop and increase my close rate beyond 80%.

I began implementing the strategy immediately and saw the results instantly (quite literally, the next day)."
P.P.S.: Or Johanna who "already made my investment back in the first 24hrs, and as of 5 days later I've quadrupled my investment back!!"